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Top 15 Values Women Look For In A Man


Have you ever wonder what women look for in a man for a serious relationship? Many things of course…but really… what is what women value the most in a men?

We all have our own idea of what and ideal man or an ideal woman should be like for us. Each of us also give different priorities to different values or characteristics, depending on our personality and our own values.

I want to share with you the TOP 15 Values women values women seek in men according the survey done by Best Life Online and the Opinion Research Corporation in the USA.

The survey was done among 1.000 women between 21 and 54 years of age in order to determine what values women seek in men for a serious long lasting relationship.

I think this is a great read to make you think where you are, and evaluate how your values are at this moment. Maybe you are having trouble to date and make relationships last, and this will help you.

You could find some keys here.

What Women Want In A Man

1. Faithfulness

8 of 10 women value faithfulness the most important characteristic in a man. Women expect compromise and respect from their partner, and I also believe this is the only way it can work.

2. Sense of humor

Most women prefer a man that has sense of humor and that makes them laugh,  rather than a perfect body. The physical attraction will slowly become secondary, but a companion that makes her laugh happy never fades and lasts very long.

3. Responsibility

3 of every 4 women said that they look for a man that is capable to assume his own responsibilities and compromises.

4. Friendliness

Younger women are known to be very attracted to the “bad boy”, they want to feel alive and break some rules. But as they get older the attraction changes to a friendly and detailed-oriented man that inspires security. A classic one…

5. Moral Integrity

He has to be a man with values that knows how to behave, with social and personal principles. Always faithful to his own values. Furthermore, every woman wants to admire her man.

6. Intelligence

An intelligent man is always interesting. Women do not like a boring or not cultivated man, and good conversation is always highly valued, much more than physical attraction.

7. Listener

Women like a man who knows how to listen showing respect and attention. We all have experienced this, and it is so true. Woman need to express themselves more than men do in general. Many times they don’t expect advice, just listen to them!

8. Capability to be a father

Most women want to have their own family and children, and look for a man who shows love for children and the capability or potential to be a good father.

9. Romantic

A man capable to be romantic shows his most sensible side, and this makes a woman fall to their feet most of the time. Romanticism keeps relationships alive guys!

10. Passion

Finding a men who is passionate about something in life, whatever that might be, shows his interest for things in life. In terms of sex, passion is what will help long relationships work in bed.

11. Security

When a man feels good about himself makes a woman feel secure and in peace by his side. As a result, financial security is also very important for women as they want to have a family that needs to be sustained. This could be ranked higher I think.

12. Generosity

Especially beyond the age of 35 women look for a man who dedicates time and attention to them.

13. Be A Good Lover

This is a big part of any relationship and women want a man who gives everything and is creative in bed. Sex needs to stay alive! I could not agree more, and I believe this should be ranked higher as well. It is very important in a couple.

14. Home Work

A man who knows to do home work and is self sufficient is always attractive and a good asset to have. Women have their own professional career today, and roles have changed compared to what the previous generation had. So guys…time to learn to iron, cook, etc,

15. Career Success

A successful man in his working career makes him that much more attractive. A woman wants to feel proud of her man, and this is normally a big reason for it.

These are just some of the values women seek in men. In my opinion I would change some in the ranking order, but this is not what is important.

This is important: Do you have these values? How are you doing in all of them? Are you not succeeding in long term relationships? In this aspect I am sure we all have some homework to do…

Hence I encourage you to evaluate it, be honest to yourself, and start making some changes if you think you need to do them. Probably, we all need to improve something each day of our lives.

In conclusion, the values women seek in men will be different to each woman of course. But I am sure that a minimum of 12 of these values are in the top 15 list of every woman.

So Girls…What else would you add for the perfect man? 🙂

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