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Charlie Beaular

Types Of Female Orgasms

female orgasm types

Women can have several different types of female orgasms. A few more than men This means they have more options, and I truly believe they have much more fun than guys do.

As a man I have to say that sex and orgasms are fantastic and very pleasurable, but when you see a woman have a vaginal or a squirting orgasm you know their pleasure is more intense than ours.

Women also have more options when it comes down to female orgasm types they can have, so that makes sex probably better for them.

There are basically 4 types of Orgasms a woman can have, so let me explain some facts before I get to describe them.

We Are All Different In Sex

Yes! There is no doubt about this. Each woman has her own way of stimulating herself, masturbating, feeling, etc. This means that each woman feels different and reacts different to various stimulations.

Consequently, this complicates everything a bit more. We need to find what our lover/partner likes, how she reacts, and what are the best techniques to make her have an orgasm.

The fact is that each body is different and depending on her previous experiences she will know more or less about herself, and what to do or feel to have an orgasm.

I just know that this statement is true: All women have the capability of having all types of  female orgasms. Each women is different and feels different, but they all have the same sexual organs and sensitive spots. Therefore it’s just a matter of knowing where they are, how to stimulate them and how make them have an orgasm

The Orgasm Mindset

Do you want to have great sex all your life? You must understand and know this…Sex is all in our mind

You can be with the most handsome, attractive, sexiest, and hottest guy in the world. If her mind (or yours) is not there and present, she will not have an orgasm.

It’s that simple. In order to have great sex and powerful orgasms both have to be present with your mind and body. She must have an orgasm mindset. And there are many things you can do to do this, these are a few that will help:

  • Have a nice warm bath with nice scents and candles before sex.
  • Start and incense to create a nice ambient aroma. Sandalwood or Patchouli are great for this and have aphrodisiac properties.
  • Play some nice erotic soft music (or what you like best, just must be relaxing music)
  • Turn down all the lights and use candles, they create an erotic ambience.
  • Use clean sheets, with nice textures and start giving her a massage, totally naked of course.
  • Use natural oils with scents, they are much better for the skin and have much better scent and texture.

As a result, she will get into an orgasm mindset (and you for that matter). She will forget about the daily problems, work, kids if you have any, and will be there with you only. Consequently she will give herself totally to the moment. You can also talk (dirty) to her ear as well to get her there, but this will be another post.

Types Of Female Orgasms

In my opinion, and from my knowledge and experience, there are 4 female orgasm types a woman can have.

Therefore, and having this in mind, the following are all the female orgasm types. Of course some of these orgasms can occur simultaneously, which are normally called mixed or blended orgasms:

  • Clitoris Orgasm

Probably the most common type of female orgasm, and the one most women learn first through masturbation and self exploration. It’s very intense of course, but it is more localized in the pelvic area. It can be achieved via oral sex as well.

  • Vaginal Orgasm

I would say that the vaginal orgasm is probably the second most common female orgasm. This type of orgasm is much more intense, as it is a full body orgasm that will shake her from head to toe.

It can be reached by stimulating her vagina inside with your fingers, sexual toys or penis. There are basically 2 main spots that can be stimulated or touched that can bring her to a vaginal orgasm; the G-spot and the A-Spot (or deep-spot).

Stimulating the g-spot correctly can lead to a g-spot orgasm, and stimulating the A-spot can lead to an A-spot orgasm. Both can at the same time lead to female ejaculation or squirting.

  • Squirting Orgasm (or G-spot Orgasm)

The squirting orgasm is a actually a type of vaginal orgasm in which the woman actually ejaculates during orgasm. It’s probably the most intense orgasm a woman can have. This type of orgasm is normally achieved with a G-spot orgasm or an A-spot orgasm.

Believe me, it’s also amazing to see a woman ejaculate. Her body will shake uncontrollably, and she can squirt up to 9 feet away soaking the bed  completely.

  • Anal Orgasm

Anal orgasms are almost taboo for many people and some are scared or ashamed to talk about it or to try it. Learning how to give an anal orgasm to a woman is one of the best skills you can have as a lover.

Let me tell you this: The Anus has many more nerve endings than the whole vagina, which means that an anal orgasm can be much more powerful than a vaginal orgasm.

Many women that have had anal orgasms say that it is the most intense orgasm they have ever had, that it is a very deep orgasm and that it  is a full bogy orgasm as well. Most of the time it is a mix of vaginal, clitoral and anal orgasm at the same time, which makes it very special and very intense.

The majority of women need to  stimulate simultaneously the clitoris or vagina to reach it, but it’s amazing when it happens. It may require a lot of tries and training, and that is the fun part of it…enjoying the ride.

In conclusion, every woman is different world, feels different, has her preferences and that is great. There is no better or worst orgasm, they are all just different and she will have different sensations.

The important part is to try all the female orgasm types, experiment, and have fun. Just enjoy the ride to orgasms with no pressure or expectations. –

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