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Charlie Beaular

Steamy Sex Ed Review

steamy sex ed

Name: Steamy Sex Ed
Company: Personal Life Media
Author: Susan Bratton
Topic: Sexual Education And Orgasm Techniques

Official Website: Click Here

“Very Complete Sex Education Video Collection That Covers All Sexual Skills, Orgasm Techniques And Romantic Lovemaking” Review by Charlie Beaular


Who is this sex ed program for?

Excellent for: Men & Women between 21 — 65 single or in a committed relationship
Not good for: Anyone under 18

Overall Program Evaluation

The Positive
Very complete course that covers almost anything you need to become a better lover. Mainly focused for couples in relationships, making special emphasis on sensual and romantic lovemaking. Includes a great module on erotic sensual massage techniques that’s great.

The Negative
Does not go deep in the mental side of sex and some of the videos maybe overlap some of the same information

Bottom Line
Like all Personal Life Media Courses, I would recommend steamy sex ed specially to couples that want to turn around their sexual life and make it more exciting and spicy. It’s also recommended for The Positive


Steamy Sex Ed Content

Course Description

Steamy Sex Ed is a sex course designed to teach you awesome sex techniques and ideas to take your sex life to the next level. It will give you great insight about foreplay ideas, including erotic massage techniques for him and her, exciting oral sex techniques and positions, the best sexual positions to increase pleausre for both, and much more. It’s basicially a very complete and detailed sex education course that will for sure make your sex life boost making you a better lover.

Why should you learn erotic massage techniques?

Erotic massage is one type of sexual game that most couples oversee and never even try it, but it’s for sure one of the most exciting and satisfying type of sex activities you can do with your partner. It’s also a very sensual type of foreplay that will develop your touch and sensibility in terms of sex, especially for men.

Most men don’t realize the power of touch when it comes down to get a woman aroused, and erotic massage is a great way to develop this sexual skill. In steamy sex ed you have videos that will show you explictly how togive awesome massages to your partner that will drive her crazy. The videos are of great quality and sexually explicit with nudity.

In addition you will find videos that will show you high touch sex positions that will help you develop new sensations and new erogenous areas that you are missing out at the moment, and will also give you tips on how to breath to increase pleasure.

Steamty sex ed includes videos that will teach you techniques on how to stroke his penis to make him scream in pleasure, with total video close ups to know exactly what she needs to do to make it work. There is another video that will teach him how to massage her clitoris, and vaginal and G-spot area to give her deep wild orgasms.

There is a very good bonus videos on anal massage for him and her. Many men are reluctant to be stimulated anally, but it’s a great new way to explore new sensations and find how it feels like to be stimulated in the male g-spot. Anal play is the great new thing to discover in sex if you have never done so.

Erotic massage it’s just  great new thing to discover if you have never done it before and this could be the best course to learn it as it’s described and filmed in total detail for your best education.

How To Master Oral Sex

One of the best parts of this course is the oral sex techniques section. I truly believe that oral sex is one of the most intimate things a couple can do in sex, and the videos on oral sex are just great in steamy sex ed.

In these videos you will find new ways to stimulate 5 hot spots simultaneously when performing oral sex, plus over 50 different fellatio and cunnilingus techniques that will make your oral sex encounters extremely pleasurable.

On top of that, there is a great video on the optimal oral sex positions to maximize pleasure and stimulation effectiveness.                          

Relationship Magic

One of my favorite parts of this course is the relationship magic e-book. It’s obvously focused for couples, but it’s valuable information for anyone who wants to have a relationship as well.

We all know how difficult it is to maintain a relationship, not only in sexual terms, but in values and compatibility. This is a great read and awesome information with practical exercises to make your relationship work better.[/vc_column_text]

About The Author – Susan Bratton

Susan Bratton is a world recognized sex expert and sexual advisor for millions of men and women around the globe. Her husband Tim and her are founders of Personal Life Media, a website designed to help men and women improve their sexual lives and loving relationships.

Susan has participated in famous TV shows as sex expert and counsellor, and has given TED conferences as well. She has teamed up with some other sex doctors and experts, such as Patty Taylor and Tallulah Sulis, that  that participate at Personal Life Media regularly.

Product Content

Module 1: Red Hot Touch (5 DVD’s)
This  module focuses on learning how to feelmore and develop your touch techniques to increase your sensitivity.

DVD 1 – Orgasmic Massage Strokes
DVD 2 – High Touch Sex Positions
DVD 3 – Butt Love
DVD 4 – Expanding His Pleasure
DVD 5 – Building Sexual Trust For Orgasmic Pleasure

Module 2: Oral Sex
This module covers everything you need to know about oral sex, from innovative techniques to positions and great tips to increase pleasure

DVD 1 – Optimizing Oral Pleasure
DVD 2 – Energetic And Ejaculatory Oral
DVD 3 – Optimal Oral Sex Positions

Module 3: Female Self Pleasure
This module is a DVD to helpwomen reach the peak pleasure potential by self ecploration and stimulation. Includes Erotic self massage techniques, senusla awakening , self  tantric ritual and orgasmic breathing

Free Bonus: Relationship Magic E-Book
Great e-book to help with exercises and tips to improve and deepen your loving relationship.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is this course effective?

Yes, this course is highly effective at helping couples have better sex, and giving them new techniques and ideas on how to make their foreplay and sex games fun and hotter.

2. Is this unique information?

Foreplay games can be found in many places, but in this case some of the techniques and tips are unique to this course. As mentioned before, the course is very detailed and explicit close ups can be found throughout most videos, giving a very real and true perspective of techniques that you will not find in other courses.

3. The techniques and concepts are easy to implement?

Yes, all the techniques ar easy to implement by any couple that wants to imrpove their sexual life independent on the sexual education level.

4. How do I know if this course good for me?

This course is mostly focused for couplesin satble relationships, as it focuses on very intimate and sensitive techniques that require that type of loving relationship. In any case, I believe that these technqiues are great for anyone even if he/she is single. The more you know about sex and how to satisfy your partner the better, so there is no limit to sex ed.

5. Will the techniques work for every manor woman?

Yes, they will work for any healthy man or woman

6. Is There Explicit Nudity On This Course?

Yes, teher si plenty of nudity and sexual explicity. Allthe demosntartions are done by real life beautiful couples that will execute the techniques in front of the camera. Some of the images are close ups and very explicit. The good thing is that the images and scenes are carefully and tastefully done from a total educational perspective and not from a porn perspective. Most women can probably watch these videos without feeling uncomfortable.

7. What’s this courses value for money?

This course can be bought via digital download or physical CD product with different prices and same content. The course is pricey for $169, but in my opinion it’s worth the money if you can afford it.

The inforamtion and videos are very valuable and very complete with innovative techniques and tips that you will only find here. There are also options pay a one-time payment that will give you access to other courses as well.

Product Features

  • Creator: Personal Life Media
  • Coach: Susan Bratton
  • Skills Taught: Female Orgasm Techniques And Overall Sex Education
  • Material Format:  Videos. Immediate Access And Download Via Member’s Area or CD Delivery.
  • Payment: Secure Encrypted Payment Gateway accepting All Credit Cards And Paypal
  • Money-Back Guarantee: Trustworthy 30-Day Money Back Guarantee No Questions Asked
  • Free Content: Yes. Access To Value Packed Free Content Subscribing To The Newsletter.
  • Released in: 2013

Price: $169-$199 (Different Buying Options & Fomats)


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