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Charlie Beaular

The Squirting Orgasm

squirting orgasm

You have probably heard the term squirting orgasm before, maybe in adult movies or in some sex conversation. Well, for you information a Female Squirting Orgasm occurs when a woman ejaculates.

Most likely you have seen a girl squirt in porn movies or similar, but probably you have never seen it in real life.

Making a girl squirt is one of the most difficult tasks you will face in sex. It requires a very particular technique to achieve it.

There are basically 2 ways a woman can squirt; having a G-Spot Orgasm or  having an A-Spot Orgasm.

The G-Spot orgasm is one most mysterious and coveted types of female orgasms. It’s also the fastest and easiest way to make a woman squirt.

You may be wondering how does squirting or female ejaculation work. So let me explain it to you and answer some questions you may have.

Can All Women Squirt?

A definite yes! ALL WOMEN CAN SQUIRT! You may have heard about “squirters or non-squirters” or similar terms to refer if a woman can ejaculate or not.

Well, have you ever heard of an ” ejaculator or a non-ejaculator men”? You would never doubt a man can’t ejaculate if he is sexually healthy, right? Why would women be different?

All women have the same genitalia and the same sexual organs and glands. I my world that means that all have the capability to squirt.

The reason that some women don’t squirt is most likely because they either have some type mental block. Mental blocks are very common and is the inability to let herself go. The other reason could be that she has never been stimulated the correct way in order to have a G-Spot orgasm

How To Make A Woman Squirt

Let me explain it here very shortly how to make a woman squirt. The picture you see below illustrates the female sexual anatomy:

Between the g-spot and the urethra women have an area which is called the urethral sponge. This area contains the Skene’s Glands, which are the equivalent to the male’s prostate.

When the G-Spot or The A-Spot are stimulated correctly, these glands start to create the ejaculation liquid. At the time of orgasm, this liquid will drain towards the urethral canal and it will go out of the urethra (squirting).

Make sure you understand this. Women ejaculate through the urethra, not through the vagina

This is a short explanation of how female ejaculation works. Even though it may sound simple, giving a squirting orgasm to a woman is not an easy task. Actually, the vast majority of women have never had a squirting orgasm.

The Female Ejaculation Experience

I have seen many women squirt and ejaculate in my life from a g-spot orgasm, and the experience is truly amazing. It’s a wonderful thing to see, and it is a very intimate experience that will bond a couple together even more.

If you are trying to give your woman a squirting orgasm, you must get ready first. Ideally create a nice ambience and a comfortable area where she can lay or sit down.

Second, get some towels and lay them on the bed or sofa. I recommend to start stimulating her while she is lying on the bed, as she will be more comfortable, but you can also do it while she is sitting on a sofa.

The 2 positions to try it are:-

– Have her lying down on her back on a bed

– Her is sitting on a sofa with her butt towards the front of the sitting cushion with her vagina easy to access with your hand.

The amount of ejaculation liquid will depend on each woman. As men, each woman will ejaculate differently. Some can ejaculate up to 12 feet away, and some will only have some drops come out.

Watch this Masterclass video below on how to stimulate the G-Spot and make a woman squirt

Squirting Orgasm Troubleshooting

If you are reading this post, it’s because maybe you have already tried to give a woman a squirting orgasm and you have not succeeded yet. Don’t worry…and welcome to the club!

As I mentioned at the beginning, giving a squirting orgasm is one of the most difficult tasks you will face in sex. These are some of the problems you may find when trying to do it:

1. Mental sexual blocks 

Many women have never been stimulated on the G-Spot or the A-Spot, and it may be strange and even uncomfortable for them at first. You must be very gentle at the beginning in order to avoid her not wanting to try again.

She may also not be open to new sensations or experiences due to her own believes or personality. It’s your job to let her know that you would love to see her squirt, and that it will be an amazing experience for her. Something similar happens with first time anal sex experiences.

2. Afraid to “pee” all over the bed

When a woman is about to squirt, she will feel that she has a great urge to pee. Remember that she will ejaculate through the urethra, not through the vagina. This means that her feeling will be the same as when she needs to pee.

Most of the times, she will be scared of peeing on herself. Consequently she will not let the ejaculation liquid come out and she will not squirt. The ejaculation liquid simply will go backwards towards the bladder and she will actually pee it later.

You need to make her understand that she needs to let it go. That it is not pee what will come out and that you would love to see it happen.

She will also be worried to make everything very wet, so as I mentioned before, get the towels ready and make her feel relaxed and comfortable.

3. Your arm will get tired from stimulation

The stimulation of the G-spot with your hand can be very tiring and your muscles will get quite sore, especially the first times you try. Just be patient, and keep trying, as it will get only better and easier.

Never ever stimulate the g-spot over 30 minutes, as the vaginal tissue is very sensitive and she may get very sore.

I discovered the squirting orgasm be complete accident many years ago. And believe me, it’s a great thing to see and a wonderful experience especially for her.

The squirting orgasm can be one of the most intense types of orgasms she can have. Therefore it’s worth trying to achieve it, especially if you are a couple. It’s a great bonding experience.

Check out the video below for more squirting orgasm troubleshooting:

Finally, I just want to encourage all of you to try squirting orgasms.

If you are a men reading this article, just learn the techniques and get good at them.

If you are a woman reading this, don’t be scared to try it. It does not hurt and it is a wonderful experience.

Click on the image below to access the best ever sex course on g-spot squirting orgasms.

G Spot Video