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Charlie Beaular

Our Review of Seduction Trilogy

Company: Personal Life Media

Author: Dr. Patti Taylor

Topic: Female Seduction Techniques

Official Website: Click Here

8.5 rating

Rating: Great Product

seduction trilogy

“3 in 1 Seduction Techniques And Strategies That Will Make Your Woman Say Yes Every Time” Review by Charlie Beaular

Who is this sex ed program for?

Excellent for: Men between 21 — 65  in committed relationship who want to improve their seduction skills to improve their sexual life

Not good for: Women or anyone under 21

Overall Evaluation


The Positive

This trilogy of courses by Patty Taylor, intimacy expert, covers a whole range of effective techniques to seduce your women into having more sex. It’s mainly focused on the mental side and psychology behind what makes a woman have sex. The techniques on how to unlock her most intense sensual responses is great and will make her want more sex consistently.


The Negative

As it happens in many sexual psychology books, some of the concepts and techniques are not so simple to implement, as they require a change of habits and working on them. You need to have patience and desire to make a change in your life.


My Opinion

I recommend this course for couples that want to revive their sexual life again, and for men that have very little or no seduction skills. It’s a life changing course where you will learn concepts and skills that will definitely change your habits when it comes down to seduce your woman. It’s imperative for any men that wants to have sex regularly to understand the female sexual psychology and what triggers a woman to want to have sex.  A bit pricey, but worth the effort if you are willing to change.


Course Description

Seduction Trilogy is an easy-to-use system that will work for your whole life. This course will give her the romance she wants and will give him the mind-blowing sex you crave. You will discover how to unlock the secrets of sexual desire and all you need to know to have a fulfilling and satisfactory sex life.

This course consists of  3 e-Book series. Each e-Book comes with a companion audio file, read by the instructor Sloane Fox, so that you can listen to it while you drive or run,  and educate yourself in sex  simultaneously. In this course you will learn how to seduce your woman to have sex, advanced seduction acceletaor techniques for hot sex, and  how to unlock her deepest and wildest sexual fantasies.

Why Should You Improve Your Seduction Skills?

Having great seduction skills is the key for having great sex very often. Women love to be seduced and if you master the techniques explained in this course you will have more sex than you have ever dreamed of.

In this course you will learn all the techniques and startegies to unlock her wildest sexual fantasies and she will be ready for sex anytime and anywhere. You will become irrisstible for her if you know which buttons to tick and what phrases you have to say.

Learning how to control a date from start to finish will make you a true seducer, and women love men who are secure and know what they want and how to deliver a great time that make her feel secure, desirable and attractive.

How  Will You Become A True Seducer?

These are some of the concepts and seductions skills you will acquire with this course:

– Become her “sexual trainer;” be the man who creates the situations, the steam and the fun to make the ride really enjoyable

– Learn how to get her to want to reveal her deepest and wildest sex fantasies from her inside

– You will learn the art of “Erotic Vigilance,” which lets you know exactly how she feels and how her sexual pulse is at any moment (is she cold, warm or hot?). You will acquire the knowledge to take her to the next step everytime.

– Trasnform yourself into a “Visionary Lover” who is able to deliver a steamy lovemaking session from start to finish with awesome results.

– Understand how “Positive Acknowledgments” work and how you can amster the art of talking and seducing with your language.

What You Will Learn In Seduction Trilogy

The first e-book is called Seduce Her Tonight, where you will learn the first two of two keys for becoming a real seducer: “A String of Yeses” and “Erotic Vigilance.” These 2 concepts together will lead to an amazing connection between the both of you

The second e-book is called the Seduction Accelerator, adds “Vulnerability” and “Vision” skills to assure your success in the seduction process.

The third  e-book is called Her Sexual Trainer, shows you how to be the owner of the sexual experiences you create with your partner. You will be empowered with irrestible seduction skills that will make you an awesome lover.

These are some of the skills you will aquire:

– You will be able to read into what she’s thinking, feeling, wanting, and needing.

– The art of making her sensual offers that are perfectly tuned to where she’s at in terms of desire and excitement (even if she can’t tell you).

– Learn to manage her energy in the most efficient way, minimizing the time it takes to turn her on and ready for sex

– Develop the confidence to manage situations where your seduction efforts are not working and you have the sensation it’s going nowhere.

About The Author – Dr. Patty Taylor

Dr. Patty Taylor is a worldwide respected sex expert and the creator of multiple sexuality programs. Most of them are designed to increase the pleasure and teach men and woman how to become better lovers and enjoy an amazing and fulfilling sex life. She is a regular partner and writer at personal Life Media and has been featured in many TV shows and written articles for popular magazines and blogs.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is this course effective?

Yes, it’s effective in teaching seduction techniques to any man and to learn how the female mind works and how you can itck the right button to turn her on for sex.

2. Is this unique information?

Dr. Patty Taylor has other courses where she speaks about seduction as well, and many of the concepts are found in other female sex mind and seduction courses as well. In this course it’s just presented in a different format which I like.

3. The techniques and concepts are easy to implement?

Yes, the concepts are easy to understand and implement. You may need to see which of the work best for your woman.

4. How do I know if any of these courses is  good for me?

If you want to become a real seducer and master all the sedcutions skills nedded to make woman want to have sex with you this course is for you. Any age and any relationship situation. It’s ideal for married men.

5. Will the techniques work for every person?

Yes, they do work very well for any healthy person.

6. Is There Explicit Nudity On This Course?

No, there is no explicit nudity in this course.

7. What’s this courses value for money?

This course is on the pricey side. It’s true that you get 3 complete and very interesting e-books (also audio format) with 1 extra bonus e-book. The course costs $147, and the information you will get is very valuable. If you are looking to develop your poor seduction skills, get this course. If you can afford it I recommend to get it.

Product Content

The course is delivered in PDF e-book  and its audio version as well. The course includes 4 awesome extra bonuses

E-BOOK 1: Seduce Her Tonight: Sex Life Strategies for Getting to YES 
E-BOOK 2: Seduction Accelerator: The Most Turn-On and Hottest Sex 
E-BOOK 3: Her Sexual Trainer: Unlock Her Most Intense Sensual Responses 

Note* All these E-Books come also in a very sexy and sensual audio book version you can’t miss!


– E-BOOK 1: “More Sex, More Often”
Free eBook Reveals Seduction Key #1, Small Offers that Create a String of Yeses 
– EBOOK 2: Sexy Talk, Love Lines: Open Mind Report 
– AUDIO INTERVIEW 1: Sloane Fox Interviews Dr. Patti Taylor – About The Tenets of The Seduction Trilogy
– AUDIO INTERVIEW 2: Sexy Talk, Love Lines Interview – Dr. Patti Talks to Daka Raj About Using Seduction Keys


  • Creator: Personal Life Media
  • Coach: Dr. Patty Taylor
  • Skills Taught: Female Seduction Techniques
  • Material Format: Audio Books & e-book. Immediate Access And Download Via Member’s Area.
  • Payment: Secure Encrypted Payment Gateway accepting All Credit Cards And Paypal
  • Money-Back Guarantee: Trustworthy 30-Day Money Back Guarantee No Questions Asked
  • Free Content: Yes. Access To Value Packed Free Content Subscribing To The Newsletter.
  • Released in: 2010

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