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Does Penis Size Really Matter?

This is what I want to get across with this post…

The most important fact you need to understand: Penis size (excluding micro-penis conditions) DOES NOT MATTER AT ALL to give a woman amazing orgasms.

At the end, the “ideal penis size” does not exist, as the “ideal size” comes down to a personal preference of each and every woman. Just like men do with boob sizes.

There are women who like big penises, and there are women that like them smaller. Depends on the size of their vagina and other personal preferences, but the size does not affect their orgasms.

Size only matters in terms of the female preferences, just as they may prefer blond guys over dark-haired guys.

So please get over the fear or self-consciousness you may have about the size of your penis. Accept and love what nature has given you, and enjoy the pleasure it can give you and your woman.

Learn more orgasm techniques and start to become a the best lover you can be. Sex must be fun, joyful and fresh!

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