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Charlie Beaular

Our Review of Orgasmic Addiction

Company: Insspira Publishing

Author: Gabrielle Moore

Topic: Female Orgasm Techniques And Sex Skills

Official Website: Click Here

8.9 rating

Rating: Great Product

orgasmic addiction

“Great Female Orgasm Techniques Course With The Special Highlight Of The Trigasm Technique” Review by Charlie Beaular

Who is this sex ed program for?

Excellent for: Men experienced lovers between 21 — 65 single or in committed relationship

Not good for: Women or anyone under 21

Overall Evaluation


The Positive

The videos on this course are very high quality with naked girls and real life model demonstrations. The highlight of the course is the trigasm techniques that leads to a triple climax where the g-spot, the clitoris and the secret X-spot are stimulated simultaneously. Innovative información.


The Negative

The course could go into further detail in terms of other types of orgasms with penetration, like the A-Spot or anal orgasm.


My Opinion

All in all this is a great product that is very specific and focused to give any woman simultaneous orgasms and a very intense climax. It’s innovative in terms of the stimulation techniques. Highly recommended for experienced lovers that want to try new things out, and explore new sensations with your couple. Worth the investment.


Course Description

Orgasmic Addiction is my second favorite Gabrielle Moore’s programs after Naked U. This program is focused on the female orgasms; the stimulation techniques and the positions to reach the most intense orgasms a woman can have.

The instructors of this course are 3 beautiful hot women, all of them adult movie stars called Tori, Allie and Teal.  These girls will teach you everything about how to stimulate a woman to give her amazing orgasms from a female perspective, which I think it’s great. Many times as men we think we know what women need and want in sex, and we are completely wrong in many cases.

Learning Foreplay Techniques

The first part of the course consists in learning how to seduce a woman, and how to start her arousal with seduction techniques. many times we forget as men how important it is to trigger the female mind first in order to have success with the physical arousal later.

The girls will demonstrate also how to do correct foreplay and will focus mainly in fantasy foreplay and arousal, using role-playing as one of the best techniques to do awesome foreplay. As women they will demonstrate you that incredible foreplay is the key to give any women multiple intense orgasms.

Sex Positions For Intense Orgasms

The girls will also go through some of the best and most exciting sex positions to give your woman incredible orgasms. They will demonstrate these positions completely naked giving great tips and insights on variations and best options for maximum pleasure and orgasms.

The Triple Climax – The Trigasm Technique

This technique is the highlight of this course and the main reason to get it. Every woman craves to have multiple orgasms, and with this techniques you will learn to stimulate simultaneously the clitoris, the vagina, and a secret X-Spot located in the anal area. This is the ultimate sex experience for any woman, or the “Holy Grail of Sex”, as they call it, as you will stimulate the 3 most erogenous areas of her body at the same time.

The technique is called the trigasm technique and will give any woman amazing pleasure and blended simultaneous orgasms that will make her scream. I have tried this technique myself and it truly works. It takes a bit of time to coordinate all the stimulations at the same time with the correct rhythm, but once you achieve it, it’s simply amazing. Very recommended.

About The Author – Gabrielle Moore

Gabrielle Moore is one of the worlds’ top sex adviser in The U.S.A. She has a great blog and has created several sex courses that are of great quality in production and information.

Her highlight has been the creation of the Naked U Sex Course, one of the best sex courses out there. Orgasmic Addiction is like an introduction to this larger course. Gabrielle always used beautiful and hot girls to create her courses to make them very visually appealing and attractive to watch.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is this course effective?

This course is very effective explaining and teaching foreplay techniques and special the trigasm technique for a blended simultaneous female orgasm.

2. Is this unique information?

Yes, the trigasm technique is unique to this course and you will not find it anywhere else. Other techniques and sex positions in this course are common to other sex courses.

3. The techniques and concepts are easy to implement?

Yes, most of them are easy to implement and this course can be done by any beginner in the sex education world..

4. How do I know if any of these courses is  good for me?

I would recommend this course for any beginner in the sex education world. the techniques are easy to understand and if you are looking for a very special new technique to surprise your woman this course is for you. You will learn the amazing trigasm technique.

5. Will the techniques work for every person?

Yes, they do work very well for any healthy person.

6. Is There Explicit Nudity On This Course?

Yes, the girls are completely naked and there is explicit sex in this course

7. What’s this courses value for money?

All of the Gabrielle Moore course are pricey, but there is a reason for that. the quality in the production and the detail in the explanations is outstanding, and that has a cost as well. This course costs $97, and for the information you get I would say it’s on the high side.  But then again, the trigasm technique is unique to this course and it’s worth knowing it if you can afford it.

Product Content

The course is in video format via a member’s page you will access once you purchase the course.

1. Foreplay Techniques And Game
2. Best Sex Positions For Female Orgasm
3. The Trigasm Technique 
– Clitoris Stimulation Techniques
– Vaginal Stimulation Techniques
– X-Spot Anal Stimulation Techniques


  • Creator: Insspira Publishing
  • Coach: Gabrielle Moore
  • Skills Taught: Advanced Female Orgasm Techniques
  • Material Format:  Videos, audios & e-book. Immediate Access And Download Via Member’s Area.
  • Payment: Secure Encrypted Payment Gateway accepting All Credit Cards And Paypal
  • Money-Back Guarantee: Trustworthy 60-Day Money Back Guarantee No Questions Asked
  • Free Content: Yes. Access To Value Packed Free Content Subscribing To The Newsletter.
  • Released in: 2015

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