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Charlie Beaular

How To Do Oral Stimulation Correctly

Tips To Give oral sex

Learning the correct oral stimulation techniques is key to give amazing oral sex to your woman. In this article I share with you the correct way to do oral stimulation to a woman.

Oral Stimulation Mistakes

The fact is that 99% of women adore oral sex. Just like men do. Along with the g-spot orgam and the squirting orgasm, the clitoris orgasm is probably the favorite type of orgasm women have.

The problem is that most men learn how to do oral sex and many other sexual techniques from adult porn movies. And I must say that that is a big mistake!

I believe that porn movies are great for entertainment purposes, but they are really a poor source for sexual education. If you are doing oral sex the same way you have see in these movies, you must watch this video about oral sex techniques. 

One of the biggest mistakes men do while performing oral sex is that they flick their tongue at the clitoris. And this is a big mistake. That is the technique you learn in porn movies.

As a result you find men doing that technique to their women, and that will not lead to intense orgasms. The most common complaint I receive from women I speak to, is that her man does not know how to do correct oral stimulation.

Even worst, some men actually say that they don’t like to do oral sex, they say “it’s not my thing”. Well, they all love receiving a blowjob and can’t imagine life without them….not very fair I would say.

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Oral Sex Orgasm

Oral sex orgasms are a type of clitoris orgasm. Most women say that the oral sex orgasm is probably the most intense type of clitoris orgasm, and they surely love it. 

Oral sex on a woman  is also called cunnilingus, which means “vulva and tongue”. To do oral stimulation on a woman you will use your tongue to stimulate the clitoris and the surrounding areas, which are the most sensitive areas of female sexuality. together with the g-spot location.

The clitoris is the “key” to female orgasms and pleasure, so if stimulated correctly will give her intense orgasms. Oral sex in particular is a female favorite, as many women  consider oral sex a very intimate and special type of sexual relationship.

Correct Oral Stimulation

To do correct oral stimulation use the fat soft upper part of your tongue. The first thing you will do is open your mouth like if going to eat an apple, with your tongue out.

Place it on the clitoris and don’t flick it, just do slow circles and whatever you want to do. Speed up the movement as momentum goes up until she has the orgasm.

Benefits Of Oral Sex

Most women will be very satisfied with their sexual life if they experience oral sex stimulation orgasms frequently. Don’t undersetimate the power of extraordinary oral sex and do it often.

Oral sex is also a great alternative and a very powerful weapon for those men that are worried about their penis size. First I have to say that you don’t need a big penis to satisfy women in bed, but mastering oral sex will give you a great bonus and can help you forget about that “problem”.

In conclusion, do oral sex and learn the right techniques to do oral stimulation. Your woman will love you for it and she will be sexually very satisfied.

Click on the link below this video to access the most comprehensive sex course and see it for yourself how to do correct oral sex.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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