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Charlie Beaular

Best Oral Sex Cunninlingus

oral sex

In this article I want to show you the correct techniques on how to give extraordinary and amazing oral sex to your woman. For that I need you to reset your mind. We will start from zero.

I am sure you do many things right already, but believe me that I have heard many girls complain about receiving lousy oral sex most of the time. It’s very common and quite sad I think.

Another regular complain is that “my man does not like to give oral sex…”. This really drives me mad, as I am sure those same guys LOVE to receive oral sex from their women. It does not work like that, it has to go both ways! It’s not right!

How can you master oral sex? Keep reading below…

Incorrect Oral Sex Techniques

The first thing you have to do if you really want to give good oral sex…you need to stop watching porn right now! I have nothing against porn, I think it is a great entertainment, and works very good for visual stimulation, masturbation purposes or foreplay games. But that’s it!

Consequently, porn is not a good source to learn anything about sex! The people performing in porn scenes are actors, they act, and what they do is focused for your visual arousal.

The vast majority of the female moans and orgasms you hear and see are fake, especially with the the g-spot squirting orgasms.

Furthermore, in terms of oral sex, it gets even worst. In porn you will see that 99% of the guys flick their tongue at the clitoris really fast and hard.

Well, this is the incorrect way to give oral sex to a woman, and the vast majority of the men do it exactly like that to their woman, because that’s what they have seen in movies.

The reason why they flick their tongue is because it’s a movie, and what gets you aroused is seeing the tongue moving fast on the clitoris. Everything is focused to your visual excitement. I will tell you how to do it correct below…

Shower Before Doing Cunninlingus

Probably this may sound a bit obvious, but it is very important, as you both want to feel free and safe to explore any single spot in the genital area without any surprises.

Therefore, it must be very clean and in good conditions. All female genitals smell very good and nice if they are clean, any other belief is just a myth. Take the shower together and wash each other, it is a great and sexy foreplay game as well!

How To Give Oral Sex

Ok, we have discarded the flicking of the tongue in the first point. Please stop doing it! This is how to give oral sex correctly:

– Open your mouth if like you were going to eat an apple.

– Put your tongue out and let it rest in the lower lip (like when you are eating ice-cream)

– When you perform oral sex the goal is to give her a clitoris orgasm. More advanced options may include blended vaginal or anal orgasms, but this will be another article.

– Put your lips around the genital area surrounding the clitoris. The flat upper part of tongue should fall directly on the clitoris hood (which covers the clitoris glans or clitoris head).

– Don’t use the tip of your tongue. Use the meaty part of it and don’t make it hard. Leave the tongue relaxed and smooth.

– Don’t pull the clitoris hood up and expose the clitoris glans to the tongue. The clitoris is very sensitive, so you need to arouse it before any direct stimulation. Actually, most women don’t like direct clitoris stimulation. The pressure you put with your tongue on the clitoris is what is important.

– Start moving the tongue however you like; do circles, write letters, move side to side. Anything is fine, just do it with rhythm, with soft pressure and very slow to start.

Honestly, I hardly ever pull up the hood of the clit, unless she asks me to do it. Most girls never masturbate touching directly on the clitoris. They place the fingers on top of the hood and press. You can try to expose the clit and see how your woman reacts, I have seen women that like it (always once they are aroused).

After a while you can start doing the movements faster and with more pressure as the excitement builds up.

Very important. When you feel that she is about to orgasm don’t change the rhythm or whatever movement you are doing. It can make her lose the momentum and maybe will not come back again. You have to be a bit like a robot, and don’t let her excitement get to you. Be calm and cool and just focus on a constant rhythm and movement.

Check out great this video on oral sex techniques

Best Positions For Oral Sex

In terms of positions for oral sex, it’s of course up to your preferences and especially what she likes best. You do this for her pleasure and your personal satisfaction as a good lover. Therefore, anything is correct here if she likes it.

There are basically 2 positions to give a cunninlingus to a woman. From my experience the vast majority of women like to receive oral sex lying on their back. Seems like it’s easier for them to orgasm like that. So assuming she is lying on her back, these are the positions:

1. Place your head and body between her legs facing her:

In this position you will be moving your tongue upwards from the vagina towards her clitoris. This means that the clitoris will be more exposed as you will be lifting the hood up with your tongue. This is the most common position for oral sex, just make sure you start slow.

2. Place yourself upside down on top of her in the 69 position:

We are not doing the 69, your body can be on her side and your head between her legs. In this position you will be moving your tongue in the opposite direction (from the clitoris towards the vagina). In this case, the clitoris hood will not lift up as the tongue will move in the opposite direction, so consequently the clitoris will not be directly exposed. This is the posture I use more as girls love it, but just see what she likes best and do it. There are no rules in sex! Remember that.

This last sex tip is for the guys only

In conclusion, girls love oral sex and it’s a type of orgasm that will drive them crazy. If you expect to receive oral sex because you love it, maybe you should understand that she loves it too, and it’s her right to receive it.

Just learn to enjoy it if you don’t like to do it, you have no other option if you want to be valued as a good lover. It’s hard to believe that many men still don’t undertsand  how female orgasms work.

If you really want your woman to be satisfied and happy in bed, you must give her good oral sex or something will be missing. In addition, it will also give you a great advantage over many other guys that just don’t know how to do it correctly. The same thing happens if you learn how to give g-spot orgasms correctly.

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