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Charlie Beaular

5 Sex Mistakes Of Man And Woman In Bed

5 Common Mistakes women bed
Learn five sex mistakes that kill the relationship of man and woman in bed. Avoiding these sex mistakes you will have a better and more fulfilling sex life. Many couples overlook these small details that I share with you in this video:

If you keep doing these things wrong, your sexual relationship will be ruined after a certain time, and it is difficult to bring it back up most of the times.

Bad habits in bed are one of the keys to separations and divorces. They lead to toxic or boring sexual relationships that will destroy your initial excitement and sexual attraction.

The 5 Top sex mistakes of man and woman in bed:

  1. Don’t fake orgasms
  2. She does not want to try new things
  3. Stopping before having the orgasm
  4. Being self-conscious about her body
  5. Not being present

Sometimes it may be difficult to address these sexual problems with your partner. It is very important to have the correct mindset, because the mind is our strongest sexual organ.

Therefore don’t be scared of addressing any problem or topic that bothers you about your sex life with your partner. Communication is the key to any good healthy sexual relationship.

It’s important to keep the sexual relationship alive and spicy. There are many things you can do to spice up your sexual relationships and avoid making sex mistakes that will lead to unwanted situations.

Try to experience new sensation and new types of orgasms, like g-spot orgasms with female ejaculation, anal sex, or simply experiment with sex toys. These types of orgasms are completely new to many people, and they can revive a sexual relationship completely.

Talk about your wildest sexual fantasies. Most people hide or never speak about what they fantasize in sex, most of the time worried about what the other person may think. This is a great error.

Fantasies are not wrong, they are just that. Talk about them and agree to do them only if both want to do them. But never judge the other person, that is the key to great sexual communication.

In my opinion faking orgasms is probably the worst mistake she can do, so there is absolutely no reason to do it and it will only take your sex life to the end. He is going to believe is a great lover (when he is not really), and she will be completely sexually unsatisfied.

Most likely she will end up cheating on him and that will be the end. Make sure you talk and have fluent communication to avoid this mistake at all cost.

Finally, if she is not having orgasms it’s not the end. Women; Speak up and say what you like and what he needs to do! Because it’s very simple and it will make your life so much more simple.  All these mistakes are completely avoidable.

Many women want a wilder man in bed, or they want more oral sex and more foreplay games, or maybe they want to try anal sex and watch her man ejaculate on her, but they don’t say it because they are afraid he may judge her.

Guys: never judge. Women. say what you want to say, there is nothing wrong in wanting to experiment and enjoy sex. Enjoy your clitoris and enjoy the treasures your sexuality has given you.

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