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Charlie Beaular

Magnetic Messaging Review


Company: TSB Mag

Author: Bobby Rio

Topic: Text Messaging Strategies And Mastery

Official Website: Click Here

9.3 rating

Rating: Excellent Procuct

magnetic messaging

“Powerful And Practical Program To Master How To Text Message Women For Dates And Sex” Review by Charlie Beaular

Who is this dating program for?

Excellent for: Any man that wants to master the texting and phone game with women

Not good for: Women 

Overall Program Evaluation


The Positive

This program is awesome for men that want to learn the basic foundations of text messaging with women. It also works for phone calls as well. It’s very easy to understand and to implement and most important: It’s very effective and it works. Highly recommended for men that are in the dating scenario and want to have more dates and more sex.


The Negative

At times some of the concepts and rules the author teaches in the program may sound contradictory as not every woman reacts exactly the same to every text. The advanced techniques taught in this program are not covered into depth like other programs.


My Opinion

If you are in the dating game and you want to improve your text messaging skills this is the program to buy. It’s really simple and easy to follow and it works better than other I have tried. There are more advanced courses, but this one is a great start and with it you will for sure get more dates and more sex. If you are good at it, you will not need any more advanced program. Great value for money, it’s a no-brainer really.

Product Features And Information

  • Creator: TSB Mag
  • Coach: Bobby Rio
  • Skills Taught:  Text Messaging And Phone Skills Mastery 
  • Material Format:  E-Book. Inmediate Download
  • Payment: Secure Encrypted Payment Gateway Accepting All Credit Cards And Paypal
  • Money-Back Guarantee: Trustworthy 4-Days Money Back Guarantee No Questions Asked
  • Free Content: Yes. Access To Value Packed Free Content Subscribing To The Newsletter.
  • Released in: 2012