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Charlie Beaular

How To Make A Girl Squirt

Best Step By Step Guide 2020

G Spot Video

The year 2020 has started already, and in this article you will find a detailed step by step guide on how to give a squirting orgasm, and I will teach you all the orgasm techniques and secrets on how to make a girl squirt. You can also watch this exclusive video on how to make a woman squirt. 

But first, let me warn you that making woman squirt is not an easy task, and it’s probably one the most challenging sexual techniques you will face in your sexual life.  The good news is that every single man can learn these techniques, independently of your sexual knowledge or your sexual experienc

This is a long and detailed article, but after you read it, and watch the videos below, you will be ready to try to give a squirting orgasm to any woman.

Without any doubt, watching your girlfriend squirt is also one of the most amazing and satisfying sexual experiences you will ever have.

The fact is, that having a squirting girlfriend or a squirting wife is a great advantage when it comes to sexual satisfaction, as women who can squirt will become multi orgasmic, which will give her a very satisfactory sexual life full of intense orgasms.

And the best part is that you will be her lover, and the person who gives these incredible orgasms to her.

You will become a sexual god for her, giving you a great advantage over most men in this world, as very few of them are capable of giving this type of orgasms.

Squirting has many different names, and you may have heard terms like gushing girls, female ejaculation, women cumming, g-spot squirting orgasm, and many more. They all refer to the same thing, and all this information is included in this article.

I will first explain you how female ejaculation or squirting occurs, and then I will explain you the right techniques on how to make a girl squirt.

squirting orgasm

Can All Women Squirt?

You may have heard that not all women can squirt, and that this type of orgasm is only reserved for a fortunate few.

Well, let me tell you: That is a big lie! Of course all women can squirt. And the explanation for that is very simple: All healthy women have exactly the same sexual organs, same glands, and same sensitive spots.

From a physical perspective there is not a single reason to say that not every woman can squirt. There are no tangible facts that can prove that.

On the other hand, in reality very few women actually experience squirting orgasms in their life. Studies say that 80% of women will never experience a vaginal orgasm in their whole life, and the squirting orgasm is a type of vaginal orgasm.

This is a very sad statistic in my opinion, as vaginal orgasms (and specially the squirting orgasm) are the most intense type of orgasms women can have.

These facts confirm that most women do not have squirting orgasms at all, and becomes the main argument on why many people say that not all girls can squirt.

Why is that, if all woman have the same sexual organs, some can squirt and some will never have this type of orgasm? The answer is simple, and there are 2 main reasons on why this happens.

The first reason why a woman can’t squirt is that she may have mental blocks that don’t allow her to squirt, mainly because she will have a very strong urge to pee while she has this type of orgasm. Most women will be scared to pee on themselves and will not release the ejaculation.

The second reason is that the techniques on how to make a girl squirt are not easy to learn and very few men actually know to apply them. The sexual partner must know what he is doing! (this assumption is extended to females in case of lesbian relationships)

The Truth and Myths About Female Ejaculation

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Is Female Squirting The Same As Female Ejaculation?

In practical terms yes, female squirting is the same as female ejaculation. Most people, doctors and gynecologists will refer to squirting as the equivalent to female ejaculation.

Even though most people will agree they are the same, there is still a strong controversy about what female ejaculation is, where does it come from, how female ejaculation occurs and how it really happens.

The fact is that female ejaculation is still somewhat a mystery for many scientists, that don’t totally agree on the process of how it happens exactly. In the past years many studies have been done, and there is still no definitive answer to how the process of female ejaculation occurs, and investigation continues today.

Is It Pee?

As mentioned before, one of the main reasons why many women never experience a squirting orgasm is because at the time of having the orgasm, they will feel a very strong urge to pee.

The fact is that when a woman squirts, the squirting or ejaculate fluid will come out of the urethra, and therefore she will have the same sensation as if she needs to pee.

It’s very important to know that the squirting liquid does not come out of the vagina. You may have seen women squirt insane quantities of liquid that come out of their vaginas in porn movies.

These orgasms are not real, as they simply fill their vaginas with water and expel it when they want to simulate a squirting orgasm. But this does not mean that female squirting doesn’t exist; It’s real and it happens, but not in porn movies.

Recent studies made in France by doctor Samuel Salama, have discovered that not all women ejaculate the same way or the same type of liquid. Actually this doctor came to the conclusion that some women ejaculate a large amount of liquid of what is called prostatic-specific antigen (PSA) mixed with urine, and some other women only ejaculate small quantities of a milky white fluid. You can read more about this interesting studies here.

From my personal experience, and after making many women squirt in my life, the ejaculation liquid does not smell, it’s clear, slick and somewhat sweet, as it contains glucose.

It does come out of the urethra, and it’s definitely not regular pee. I’m not a doctor, but I know what I have seen and experienced, and many other sex experts confirm the ejaculation liquid is just like I described.

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Female Ejaculation Compared To Male Ejaculation

If we compare male ejaculation with female ejaculation, we find out that they are not that different really. Men ejaculate through the urethra, just like women do.

Actually, the first times men ejaculate with the first masturbations at a very early age, they also feel a very strong urge to pee, as they have never had that sensation before either. The sensation is like when you can’t hold your pee anymore and it has to come out.

To make a man ejaculate you need to stimulate his penis until orgasm occurs (muscles contractions and pleasure). In the case of men, ejaculation happens naturally, ejaculation is part of the orgasm, and the basic goal of male orgasm is to expel semen to procreate the human species.

There are men that do tantric sex who are capable of having orgasms without ejaculation (muscle contractions only), but that requires great mental control and a great amount of practice.

To make a woman ejaculate you need to stimulate the G-spot or the A-spot in order to give her a vaginal orgasm (muscle contractions and pleasure). Many women actually have the orgasm, but not all of them ejaculate.

The fact is that women don’t need to ejaculate in order to procreate the species, and even more important,women don’t need to ejaculate in order to have an orgasm. Female ejaculation is a plus for any female orgasm, as it really intensifies the orgasm.

Women do have the organs and glands to ejaculate just like men, the difference in my opinion is that for men, ejaculation is naturally integrated in the orgasm (reproduction goal), and women have to consciously “discover” or “wake up” the organs and glands involved in female ejaculation in order to experience it.

With that being said, I believe that in general women have more pleasure than men in sex, as they actually have a larger variety of orgasms they can have compared to men. Women also have more sensitive spots and the possibilities of orgasms are just phenomenal.

You may wonder, as much as science has evolved, why there is so much debate today on female ejaculation, if it exists or how it really works.

The fact is that the female sexual glands, muscles and organs, are all interconnected by thousands of nerve endings, and it’s still difficult to know exactly what gland or organ does what and why. Only the clitoris head has over 8.000 nerve endings! Imagine that…

But rest assured, women DO ejaculate!

Different Types Of Female Orgasms

Female orgasms have different intensities and sensations, depending on the spot you stimulate, and where the orgasm muscle contractions occur. There are 4 basic types of orgasms a woman can have, and the squirting orgasm just is a type of vaginal orgasm.

Clitoris Orgasm

As the name already indicates, the clitoris orgasm occurs when the clitoris is stimulated in a certain way. The clitoris stimulation can be done with the hand, fingers, tongue, water, or some type of sex toy. This is by far the most common type of orgasm women have, as it’s the type of orgasm they normally have when they masturbate.

Women start to experience these orgasms at a very young age with masturbation, and it’s an orgasm they dominate most. The vast mayority of women will agree, that the clitoris orgasm is very strong, but that it’s more “superficial”, and not as deep or intense as the vaginal orgasm. It’s mainly located in the pubic area and is normally shorter as well.

Vaginal Orgasm

A vaginal orgasm occurs when the vagina is stimulated in certain sensitive spots that lead to vaginal contractions and orgasm. The main sensitive vaginal spots are the G-Spot and the A-spot (or Deep-spot), that if stimulated correctly, will lead to vaginal orgasms that could turn into squirting orgasms as well. The squirting orgasm is a type of vaginal orgasm.

If you ask women who have had vaginal orgasms, most of them will tell you that vaginal orgasms are deeper, more intense and a whole body type of orgasm. Many women will shake uncontrollably during a vaginal squirting orgasm.

Anal Orgasm

Female anal orgasms can be achieved when the anus is stimulated via penetration or even by external anus stimulation. Many women compare the anal orgasm with the vaginal orgasm, as it’s also very deep and intense.

In fact, most women also say that it’s easier to achieve, and it’s also deeper, when the anal orgasm is mixed with a clitoris or vaginal orgasm (a blended orgasm).

Blended Orgasm

A blended orgasm is basically a simultaneous orgasm. That means that it’s the combination of any of the previous orgasms happening at the same time.

Many women say that in order to have a vaginal orgasm they need to stimulate the clitoris as well, achieving a blended clitoris and vaginal orgasm. Same thing happens with the anal orgasm, as most women need to stimulate the clitoris to have the anal orgasm as well.

The maximum pleasure experience would be having all 3 orgasms simulateneously with a squirting orgasm at the same time. This orgasm is actually possible, although it requires a great deal of skill and practice. Learn how to achieve this type of orgasm with this video.

Is The Squirting Orgasm The Best Orgasm Ever?

As you can imagine, it’s almost impossible to declare which is the best orgasm ever, as all women are different, and they all have different preferences. The possibilities are limitless.

Even so, the debate about what is the deepest and most powerful orgasm a woman can have exists today. These Surveys confirm that most women need to stimulate the clitoris to have any type of orgasm, and most of them also say that vaginal orgasms are the most powerful, intense and deep orgasms they can have.

The squirting orgasm is a type of vaginal orgasm that ends with female ejaculation. If we think about it from a very objective perspective, having a vaginal orgasm and ejaculating at the same time, could be considered the maximum level of orgasm pleasure any woman can have.

If you add simultaneous clitoris stimulation, I would bet that the squirting orgasm is the winner of all. Once again, this depends on each woman and on each preference. From all the women I have met in my life that have had a squirting orgasm, they all confirm that it’s superb and difficult to beat in terms of pleasure and fantasy fulfillment.

squirting video

What Is Female Ejaculation And Where does It Come From

By now you probably want to know the techniques on how to make any girl squirt, but first let me explain you how female ejaculation actually occurs, and what organs and glands are involved in the squirting process. Be patient πŸ™‚

Actually, many men hurry to know learn the techniques right away, but learning the anatomy of the areas that you will stimulate is as important as the techniques. Learning how it all gives you a great advantage when it comes to trouble shooting and understanding what your girl feels.

Before I explain the process of female squirting step by step, let me tell you all the organs and glands involved in the process:

The G-Spot

The G-spot is a very sensitive erogenous area located in the vagina, about 1,5 to 2 inches inside on the upper front wall. This spot is the most common spot that you stimulate to try to make a woman ejaculate, as it’s easy to reach and find. The g-spot is inside the vagina, but is connected to the urethral sponge and to the clitoris nerves.

The A-Spot or Deep-Spot

The A-Spot is also called the Deep-Spot, as it is located at the end of the vagina in the vaginal fornix, very close to the cervix. Actually, the A-Spot is divided in 2 areas; One is just above the cervix, close to the vaginal upper wall, and it’s easier to reach and find. The other one is deeper inside the vagina, below the cervix and close to the lower wall of the vagina, and it’s more difficult to reach and find.

The A-spot, just like the G-Spot, is a very sensitive erogenous area that stimulated correctly can lead to very deep vaginal orgasms and squirting orgasms as well. The A-spot area is easier to reach and stimulate with the penis, and most women may have felt this sensitive spot sometime in their life when having deep penetration sex.

The Urethral Sponge

The urethral sponge is a spongy tissue area located just above the vagina, in contact with the g-spot and the pubic bone, and is surrounding and protecting the urethra. Many scientists say that the g-spot is actually part of the urethral sponge and both are interconnected with the clitoris nerve as well.

The Skene’s Glands

The female skene’s glands are considered the homologous to the male prostate gland. These glands are located in the anterior wall of the vagina and they drain towards the urethra and the urethra opening. Many scientists consider the skene’s glands part of the g-spot as well.

The skene’s glands are capable of creating the prostate-specific antigen (PSA), a protein that is created by the male prostate as well. That’s the reason why it’s called the “female prostate”. These glands get aroused during sexual activity, especially with the g-spot stimulation, and are capable or secreting large amounts of female ejaculatory fluid.

Basically, the skene’s glands are responsible for female ejaculation. They will also lubricate the vaginal entrance area via the 2 ducts that drain just below the urethra. Read more about the skene’s glands here.

The picture below illustrates the female sexual anatomy from the side

female sexual anatomy

How Does Female Ejaculation Happen

As you already know, the squirting orgasm is a type of vaginal orgasm, so in order to make your woman squirt you will need stimulate her inside the vagina. Women can ejaculate by stimulating basically 2 spots, the G-spot or the A-Spot.  Which spot is better? That depends on each woman and what they like best.

When either one of these 2 spots is stimulated correctly, it becomes sexually aroused and blood will start to flow to that area. The G-Spot gets engorged and swells tremendously when it’s excited. This excitement will activate the Skene’s glands, that will become aroused, and will start to create the ejaculatory liquid.

Remember that the urethral sponge is the whole area containing the skene’s glands, the g-spot and the urethra, and they are all interconnected via nerve endings or ducts. When a woman has the orgasm (muscular contractions), she can experience female ejaculation if she releases the ejaculatory liquid.

In order to release the liquid she needs to relax and let it go. Some women ejaculate large amount of liquid, and some others will just ejaculate a few drops. Just like men with semen. Not all men ejaculate the same amount.

For further information watch the video below on how the female ejaculation happens.

How To Make A Girl Squirt – Step By Step Guide

Ok, here we go! This is the process you need to follow in order to give an amazing and powerful squirting orgasms to your woman. Please, before you start, understand and assume that not all women are the same, and you will most likely do quite a bit  of trial and error to find which techniques and conditions best suit your girl.

Before you start, you need to do a few things in order to make sure that everything goes well, and have better chances to succeed.

Create a Nice Ambient

This may sound unnecessary for you, but this is extremely important in order to help her relax and be comfortable. I recommend to get some nice scents, some soft lighting (candles work best here) and some soft sensual music.

This setting will make her feel well, secure and relaxed, and it’s probably best to do it in your room and on your bed. Make sure mobiles are off, and that you are alone without kids or other possible distractions.

Stop The Chatter in Her Mind

Your main goal is to bring her to the present. One of the most common reasons why women can’t have an orgasm, is because they are not totally in the present with their mind, body and soul.

Many women have trouble stopping the chatter in their mind, thinking of what they have to do next; the kids, food, work, etc…She must be completely present, and you can help her tremendously if you follow these recommendations.

Get Some Towels Ready!

It can get very messy if she squirts! Get some extra towels ready. I recommend to put them on the bed and do everything on top of them to protect the bed from getting very…very wet.

The towels will also help her relax and not worry about making a mess when she squirts. believe it or not, this is one of the biggest worries most women have when trying to ejaculate.

Get A Good Manicure

Yes, I know this may sound like a girly thing to do for you, but it’s very important as well. You don’t need to go to a spa to get it done, you can do it yourself of course, but really make sure that your fingernails are well manicured with no sharp edges that can hurt her.

The vaginal walls are made of very sensitive and delicate tissue that can get scratched or hurt really easily, and any pain or cut will ruin the experience completely.

Have Lots Of Lubricant Ready

You will not be able to make your woman cum if you don’t have enough lube to stimulate her vagina. This is imperative and a total must. You can use which ever lubricant you like best, the key is that you use one.

I prefer to use a 100% natural oils as lubricant, as it does the job perfectly, and they are really good for her skin at the same time. In my opinion grape seed oil is the best one, as it’s slick and works really good for giving a massage. You can use a water base lubricant as well, it’s really up to you. These are the best lubricants in my opinion.

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breast orgasm

Her A Squirt Massage

There is no better way start the process of trying to make her ejaculate than giving what I like to call – a squirt massage. Don’t panic! You don’t need to be a professional masseur or have experience giving massages. A basic sweet massage given with love will do!

The truth is that a massage is a great way to help you woman relax and to bring her to the present. It’s actually the best way to connect a great foreplay – a nice whole body massage – with the vaginal stimulation you need to do to make her squirt.

I always give a massage before I try a squirting massage. I think it just fits perfectly, and is a great way to get her into the mood. A massage is very sensual and soft, and that will make her relax. That’s also the reason why I like to use natural oils as part of the massage.

Start the massage with her lying face down, massaging her shoulders, back, butt, and legs. Then make her turn around and massage her breast, tummy, legs and feet. Start with an external vaginal massage at the end, as a foreplay before you start the internal vaginal stimulation.

Be Patient

You will need to build up your patience. You are just starting to try this techniques to make her squirt. Believe me, I have been there, and normally it does not come automatically and most likely will not happen the first time you try.

But don’t give up or be discourage by this!

It will come. Another thing that will happen the first times is that your arm will get tired. Even if you are very fit, you are not used to do this type of motion with your arm and fingers, and it’s easy to get a cramp, and you will not be able to continue. Don’t worry, you will get used to it. Just practice.


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The G-Spot Orgasm

Remember we spoke that there are 2 main sensitive spots you can stimulate to give a squirting orgasm. The G-spot and the A-spot. Both work very well, and I recommend to try both to gain experience, and see which one your girl likes best and finds easier to reach ejaculation. I will divide this explanation in two separate techniques, as each spot and stimulation process are different.

I recommend to start with the G-spot stimulation first, as it’s much easier to find, to stimulate and to reach. Most women react faster to this stimulation as well.

How to Find The G-Spot

She is now relaxed, well lubricated and ready for stimulation, so the first step is finding the g-spot. The G-spot is located about 1,5 to 2 inches inside the woman’s vagina, and it’s easily reached with the fingers.

Use your index finger facing up and introduce it in the vagina about 2 knuckles inside, and place it on the upper front vaginal wall (see picture below). Not every woman’s vagina is the same, and not every male’s finger has the same size, but most likely, if you do that, your finger will be touching the g-spot area. 

how to find the g-spot

The G-spot is a very small area, about the size of a quarter or a euro coin, and it has sort of like a wrinkled skin texture. Move the finger forward and backwards trying to feel that texture.

DON’T PANIC if you don’t feel anything!

The G-spot is normally flat if it has not being stimulated, and may not be easy to find at first. But it will swell and balloon out as you start to stimulate it, and that’s the easiest way to locate it. Once you start to stimulate the area, you will feel how it swells and you will have it.

Let your girl to help you as well. Ask her what she feels, and if there is any area that feels different to the touch. She is your best guide and help, don’t forget that, specially at the beginning.

How To Stimulate The G-Spot

There are different ways to stimulate the G-spot, some are softer and some are stronger, but all of them are good. As I have mentioned before, every woman is different, and every women will have her own preference in terms of g-spot stimulation techniques.

best position for squirting orgasm

The Best Positions For G-Spot Stimulation

First, let’s see which are the best positions to do this. There are basically 2 positions that I would recommend for successful g-spot stimulation. It’s imperative that both of you are comfortable.  She needs to relax her body easily, and you need to “work out” for a while, so a comfortable position is a must.

The best position in my opinion is very simple. She lies down facing up in the bed with her legs bent, and slightly opened, just like in the picture. You will kneel down on the bed on her side (if you are right handed on her right and lefties on her left) You must have easy access to her vagina (see picture below)

squirting orgasm best position lying

The other position is on a comfortable couch. She sits down normally and pushes her butt all the way to the end of the seat and opens her legs with the feet on the couch. You will kneel with one knee on the couch and the other straight on the ground.

Use the other arm for balance or embrace her around the neck, that will make her feel closer to you and protected as well 

This position gives you a lot of thrusting power, but it’s also more physically demanding. Just see which one you both like best and do it (same position as on picture above but she would be sitting)

“Come Here Motion” Stroking Technique

This technique is the most basic g-spot stimulation technique, and I recommend to start with this one when you first do it. To do this technique, use your index finger facing up. Introduce it in the vagina about 2 knuckles inside, just like you did to try to find the g-spot.

Place the finger against the upper front wall of the vagina and start doing a come here motion with the finger, rubbing the vaginal wall. Place the palm of your other hand on top of her pubic bone, which will give you more stability and will make her feel protected. Do this with all the techniques.

Start very very slow, don’t go fast at first. Many women are very sensitive in this area, and if the g-spot is not aroused, the sensation can be very unpleasant and uncomfortable.

Once you have stimulated it for a while, and you feel that the g-spot starts to swell up and she is excited, you start doing it faster. Speed up slowly, don’t rush it, and save some of your arm and hand strength for the end.

You can do this technique using 2 fingers as well. The best option is to use the index and middle finger, and simply do the same “come here” motion. You will cover a larger area, and you will have more thrust power.

Another variation is tapping on the g-spot with the 2 fingers moving them up and down. This will be a nice sensation for her as well. Watch the video below on how to stimulate the G-Spot. See the video below on how to do this technique.

The Running Man Technique

This is a very powerful technique, that can be very intense for your woman, so I recommend to always do it after you have done the basic technique first, and when she is already excited.

The technique is very similar to the basic technique using your index finger and your middle finger as well. Introduce them 2 knuckles inside and move your fingers as if they were a running man legs.

Start slow and build it up as she get more excited. She can easily cum from doing this technique, as it will be very intense for her. Watch the video below.

The Bullhorn Or Override Technique

This is probably the most intense type of g-spot stimulation, and the one that you may have seen in porn movies or videos. This is the technique you will mostly use to make her ejaculate, as it’s the most powerful one.

To do this technique, do the bullhorn symbol with your hand, just like you see in the picture. Introduce the ring finger and the middle finger in the vagina about 2 knuckles inside facing up. Place your pinky finger and your index finger against her groins (see below).

bullhorn override squirting technique

Start moving your hand up and down and with a slight come here motion movement with both fingers. The fingers will tap really fast on the g-spot making it swell. Don’t worry if you feel a bit strange and clumsy at first, you will find the way to do it.

Simply start and see her reaction. Start very slow, This will be very intense for her. Once you see she enjoys it and that she is OK, start moving even faster.

With this technique you can go as fast and strong as you want or can. Remember that babies come out of the vagina, so you will not hurt her. BUT CAUTION! never ever do this technique from the beginning or if she is not excited enough. It will probably hurt her, and she will not want to do it again.

Most likely she will gush and ejaculate hard if you use this technique. At least she will have a vaginal orgasm, and a very strong urge to pee, because the intensity will be very high. Remember, try to reserve strengths and manage your speed. This technique will get your arm VERY tired, so you may need to stop a few times during the process.

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How Long Can I Stimulate The G-Spot

Remember that the G-spot is a very sensitive area, and the vaginal walls consist of very fine and delicate tissue that can get sore very easily. Never stimulate the G-spot for over 30 minutes, that would be a safe time limit to avoid soreness and pain.

The first times you try it, I don’t even recommend to go over 15 minutes. This is a long distance race, take it slow and be patient, it will come. Many women experience pain after being stimulated on the g-spot for a while, so respect her times and her body, and always use lots of lube!

G-Spot Stimulation With Your Penis

Another option is to stimulate the g-spot with your penis. In any case, I recommend to start with your fingers first, as it’s much easier to feel what you are doing and you will be certain that you are stimulating the g-spot area.

I would leave the penis stimulation for later, once you are a master at making her squirt. With your penis you will have a lot less sensitivity on what area you are actually stimulating, and it will be difficult to make her cum this way if you have no previous experience with ejaculation.

The fact is, that  to stimulate the g-spot with the penis and make her squirt, the key is that she knows what she is doing. What I mean by this, is that she must have had squirting orgasms before, and she needs to know exactly where her g-spot is, and what she needs to feel to make her squirt.

When a woman has a squirting orgasm, she knows exactly what she needs to do to squirt. While having sex, she is able to adjust her body to a position where your penis hits and stimulates her g-spot. Don’t feel bad about this, she will be in control, and believe me, this is the best way to have success.

Ideally she should be sitting on top, but there are many other sex position that work as well. Check out the video below with some of the best sex positions to stimulate the g-spot with the penis.

The A-Spot Orgasm

The A-spot, also called the Deep-spot, is another sensitive spot that can lead to a squirting orgasm. I must confess that my first squirting orgasm experience happened via A-spot stimulation, so don’t underestimate this spot against the ever famous G-spot.

How To Find The A-spot

The truth is that finding the A-spot is a bit more complicated than finding the G-spot, as it is located in the deep end of the vagina and is not so easy to reach, especially with your finger.

If you have a normal size hand and fingers, and she has a normal size vagina, you should be able to reach at least the front area of the A-spot (remember the A-spot is divided in 2 areas).

Ideally you should use your longest finger (normally the middle finger) to try to reach the A-spot. To reach the front area of the A-spot introduce your finger facing up into the vagina and place it against the upper front wall. Slide it in pressing the vaginal front wall until you feel a rim.

The sensation is like if it you are touching a Frisbee rim. That area around this rim is the front A-spot. The A-spot area is larger than the G-spot area, so in that sense it’s easier to find than the G-spot.

In order to reach the deeper A-spot area use the same finger. In this case, introduce it facing down, and place it on the lower vaginal wall. Go as far and deep as you can, and make sure you stay close to the vaginal wall and avoid hitting the cervix. It’s very unpleasant for every woman if you touch it.

You will know you are there when you feel you are at the end of the vagina and it does not go any deeper. Don’t panic if you feel you don’t get there, it’s really not very easy to do with the finger. In the case of the A-spot in general, penis stimulation works much better. Watch the video below on how to find the A-spot.

How To Stimulate The A-Spot

As I just mentioned above, penis stimulation works best to stimulate the A-spot in my opinion. Why? Because it’s very deep, and even if you reach it with the finger, it may be difficult to stimulate it properly and for a long time.

How To Stimulate The A-Spot With The Fingers

Try to stimulate the front A-spot first, as it’s a lot easier to reach and feel. Once you feel the rim mentioned before, bend you finger tip up and pull it against the rim. Move the finger left and right on the rim, pressuring it slightly.

You can also do the “come here motion” on the rim. This stimulation will give her great pleasure and a very nice sensation. She might have already felt something similar before with the penis head friction while having sex.

if you have long fingers, or your woman has a small vagina, you can also try to stimulate the deeper A-spot as well. Introduce your finger facing down and try to go as far as you can aiming for the lower wall of the vagina.

Once you feel you are at the end, simply tap with your finger on this area. That will give her a very deep pleasure sensation. You can do the “come here motion” as well on this spot.

How To Stimulate The A-Spot With Your Penis

In my opinion it’s easier to stimulate the A-spot with the penis. Your penis is normally longer than your fingers, and the A-spot stimulation is not as intense or specific as the G-spot. The area is larger and most women can feel it easier, and most likely they have already felt it before.

To stimulate the A-spot with your penis you need her help. Find a position where you can penetrate her deeply. The best positions for a deep penetration are doggy style with her back arched as much as possible, missionary with her legs on your shoulders, or she sitting on top squatting. (fotos)

Ask her to tell you what she feels, and together try to find the right angle so she feels a deep intense type of pleasure. It’s the type of pleasure that is so deep it can be almost painful. She will notice it. If you stimulate that area for a while, she can have a very deep vaginal orgasm and could lead to ejaculation as well. Just experiment and have fun. Watch the video below on how to stimulate the A-spot.

Help Her Release The Ejaculation

By now you already know how to find and stimulate her sensitive spots. With practice and patience you will be able to give her a squirting orgasm. But the toughest barrier to experience a squirting orgasm is her own mind.

The male role is key at the time of getting her relax and confident enough to let the ejaculation occur. She will have a very strong urge to pee, and her mind will tell her to block it automatically. How will she pee in front of you and all over the bed? And this is very normal. These are the main problems you will face.

She will be afraid to pee all over the bed

From my personal experience, this is by far the most common and toughest problem you will face. She will have a very strong urge to pee at the time she is having the orgasm. And most likely, the first times you try it, if she get to this point, she will hold it in and won’t let it out.

Don’t worry or blame her if this happens! It’s very normal that she does that, it happens almost involuntarily and automatically. She doesn’t want to pee all over the bed in front of you!

That’s understandable. It’s your job to tell her that you want to see her squirt, that there is nothing more exciting for you in this world, and that you want to see her “pee” all over you and all over the bed. It’s not pee what will come out, and what’s the worst that can happen? A wet bed? That can be fixed ;).

Mental blocks

Many women read about female ejaculation and squirting, and they automatically discard the option, as they know it’s a very strong sensation and she may not be open to this type of experiences. This attitude may be due to personal values or religious beliefs, and even insecurities about her capabilities.

Each couple and each situation is different, and you will have to talk to her, and agree with her that you want to experience this amazing orgasm with her. You must convince her that it will be an amazing sexual experience for her. And she must want it, or else it will not happen.

Your arm will get tired

Oh yes! Your arm will get tired my dear friend. It’s a hard work out, believe me. The good news…it has a wonderful result when she is able to ejaculate.

I’m sorry to tell you that there is nothing you can really do to avoid getting tired. Just deal with it. Change hands, start very slow, and check where you are. Even if you are very fit, it will happen. Just find a way to manage your strengths and your stamina.

It’s important to have enough power to keep going it when she is about to orgasm, so you don’t have to stop just before she is about to have the orgasm and ruin it. Just do it, and see how you both feel, and simply keep doing it until you get used to this arm movement. Don’t hurry and don’t get discouraged.

Have no expectations

One of the biggest mistakes I see couples do when trying the squirting orgasm, is that they put too many expectations on the result (the squirting orgasm), and they forget to enjoy the ride.

One thing you must integrate and accept before your start trying it, is that it can take time to get to the orgasm, and that’s OK. Don’t blame yourself for it! It’s normal! Some couples need months to see it happen.

The best option? Enjoy the ride, enjoy the quest, enjoy the pleasure, and enjoy the bond you will experience as a couple. When the orgasm comes, awesome, and the good thing, once it squirts once, there is no limit after that.

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What Should I Do When She Is About To Ejaculate?

This is the mother of all questions, the holy grail of squirting orgasms. What should I do when she is about to ejaculate? The answer is actually quite simple and straight forward.

By now you know everything you need to know about squirting ejaculation orgasms. You know it’s a type of vaginal orgasms, you know how to find the sensitive spots to stimulate her, you know how to stimulate all these spots, you know the problems you will face with this type of stimulation…so what to do when she is about to ejaculate?

Well, there are 2 things that you have to do. You are already there, at the moment of truth, so you have done many things right already.

  • The first thing you need to do, is to keep doing exactly whatever you are doing with your hand or penis at the moment you feel, or she feels the ejaculation is coming. Just like in oral sex. Simply maintain the rhythm and pressure, and stay in the spot you are stimulating at that time. DON’T CHANGE ANYTHING. You must be like a robot at this time.

Why? Because if you change anything, she may lose the momentum, and she will not squirt. You might have experienced this before, and if you are a man reading this, you probably know how it feels like if you are about to ejaculate, and she stops or changes rhythm. You lose the momentum and everything you don’t ejaculate. This is key to make her cum.

  • The second thing you should do is whisper or talk to her to help her release the ejaculation. As I mentioned above, one of the biggest obstacles she will face with ejaculation is mental blocks and the fear to pee all over the place.

Talk to her at the moment of climax; tell her how much you want to see her squirt, and tell her how horny you are right now. She will get aroused. Tell her to relax and to push out, to let it go, that you really want to see it. Phrases like: “baby, I want to see you squirt, cum for me, squirt all over me, push out, let it go,etc”. All couples have their way of dirty talking, so whatever fits you that is great. Just make her feel wild and secure at the same time.

 Use G-Spot Stimulation Sex Toys

I am a big fan of using specially designed sex toys to stimulate the g-spot. There are dozens of models, types, brands and options when it comes to g-spot vibrators.

My favorite one is the Wild G-Spot Vibrator, but all of them work and you can choose the one that best fits your desires, but here you have a list of the best 15 g-spot g-spot vibrators in 2018

Why use sex toys to stimulate the G-spot? There are 2 main reasons why I use them.

1. Sex toys never get tired!
As long as they have batteries they will keep going at the same speed and rhythm. You may think…yes…but it’s not the same as doing it skin on skin. And I agree, it’s not the same, but it’s a great supplement that can help you reach the ejaculation orgasm for the first time. These toys are specially designed for this only purpose, and they work very well. It’s also a great way for her to explore her g-spot on her own, so she can respond better when you are doing it as a couple.

2. Sex toys are fun!
Sex toys are a great sex boredom breaker, a great way to get out of the routine and to discover new sensations and experiences. And the g-spot stimulation is no different. It can be a lot of fun to explore the g-spot together and see where it takes you. 

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Multiple Orgasms For Her

One of the great benefits about female ejaculation and squirting orgasms, is that when a woman ejaculates for the first time, she becomes multi orgasmic. That means that she can have multiple orgasms one after the other without stopping. It’s the climax of pleasure for any woman.

Most women will not only ejaculate once, if you continue to stimulate her after the first squirt, she can have multiple orgasms one after the other. It’s amazing to watch, and it’s a tremendous pleasure for her.

One of the reasons most women like vaginal orgasms better, is simply because of this fact. The thing is, when a woman has a clitoris orgasm, the clitoris becomes ultra sensitive and needs to rest and recover. You canΒ΄t touch it immediately after she has a clitoris orgasm.

On the other hand, when a woman has any type of vaginal orgasm, especially squirting orgasms, there is no need to wait or rest, as the vagina does not need to recover, and she can have orgasm after orgasm until she wants to stop. It’s simply amazing.

Can I Make Myself Squirt?

The answer to this question is a definite YES!

Of course any woman can make herself squirt. Actually, I highly recommend that you try to do it on your own in order to know more about yourself, and what you like in terms of G-spot or A-spot stimulation.

The other advantage about self squirting, is that once you know what you like and what you need to feel, you can guide your partner to do it exactly how you like it, and you will save a great amount of time in the trial and error phase on the quest to squirt.

There are 2 ways to try to make yourself ejaculate. One is using your own hands and fingers, and the other one is using a sex toy. Which is better? depends on you, just try both and see what you like best. From my experience talking to women, it’s easier with a sex toy, but every woman is different.

     Learn How To Make Yourself Squirt Here

  • With your handsThe best position to try to do it on your own is probably lying face up, but try different positions and see which you like best. Introduce your middle finger inside the vagina 2 knuckles inside (make sure to use lubrication!), and with the tip of your finger search for the g-spot.Start to stimulate the area with a “come here motion” and simply feel what happens. You will, certainly know when you hit the g-spot. The problems you face using your fingers is that your hand is in an awkward position, and your finger will get tired quite easily. In addition, you may not have enough thrust power with your fingers in this position, so it will be difficult to maintain the speed and rhythm for a long time. Just try it in different positions and see how it goes. With a Sex Toy I recommend to start with this option, as it’s more effective most of the time, and the physical fatigue factor is taken out of the equation. You can explore for hours if you want with a sex toy. It never gets tired as long as you have enough batteries πŸ™‚ As mentioned above, you can buy sex toys anatomically designed to stimulate the g-spot. They have a curved shape and will make wonders when it comes to stimulate this area. You have multispeed vibrators, and some of them even have a clitoris stimulator integrated in it. Don’t be scared of using sex toys, they are a lot of fun. If your partner is reticent to use them, make him part of the practice. Some men feel that if a woman uses a vibrator is because he is not good or big enough, which is completely absurd. Sex toys are just another part of the sexual life and the sexual games, and can add a great deal of playfulness and fun to your sexual relationships. Try to make him see sex toys as a friend, as a partner on the quest to the ejaculation climax, not as a rival. How To Make A Girl Squirt Checklist This is a long article, so let’s make a recap on how to make a girl squirt. This is a step by step checklist of all the important steps you need to do to to achieve your goal.
    1. Create a nice and quiet atmosphere without external distractions
    2. Get your fingernails well manicured
    3. Have plenty of lube ready, preferably a natural oil like grape seed oil.
    4. Get some extra towels ready on the bed or sofa to absorb the ejaculation
    5. Start by doing a relaxing full body massage
    6. Once she is ready try to find the G-spot or A-spot
    7. Start the stimulation techniques described in this article very slowly
    8. Your arm will get tired, so make sure you manage your stamina and strength
    9. Once she is about to orgasm, maintain the speed and rhythm
    10. When she feels the urge to pee and ejaculate. talk to her and help her release the fluid
    11. Have some water ready to drink as she will get dehydrated and exhausted
    12. If you are using your hands never stimulate the G-spot over 30 minutes Squirting Videos And Additional Squirting Education I really hope that this article has helped you get a better idea of how female ejaculation works, and that you have learnt the techniques on how to make a girl squirt. You may be wondering if there is additional information that you can learn about the squirting orgasm, or if there are video education tutorials of video demonstrations on how to do it. Yes. There are of course video demonstrations and tutorial programs where you can learn more about the squirting orgasm. There are many, some better than others. After years of practice and research, I would recommend these 3 tutorials as the best squirting education videos you can find out there. The same videos where I learnt all these techniques myself. You can learn more on the links below.
  • Female Orgasm Blueprint by Jason Julius (Orgasm Arts)
  • Liquid Female Orgasms – by Tallulah Sulis (Personal Life Media)
  • Squirting Mastery – by Gabrielle Moore (Insspira Publishing)

Please share this article with the word and your friends if you think that can help them in the search of the squirting orgasm climax…and happy squirting πŸ™‚