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5 G-Spot Stimulation Problems

g spot stimulation

I want to share with you the 5 most common g-spot stimulation problems you will face, when trying to give your woman a G-Spot Orgasm with squirting or ejaculation.

Many women have never been stimulated in the G-Spot before, and therefore some problems can show up when you stimulate it the first times. Many women have never experience a vaginal orgasm, and therefore it has to be done with care and sensitivity.

Therefore you need to know how to deal with them. It’s part of the game, and also your responsibility if you want to be successful in the G-Spot Orgasm Quest. These are 5 of the most common problems you may have to face:

1. G-Spot Stimulation And Her Mental Blocks

I assume that you have already talked to your woman, and you know if she has ever been stimulated on her G Spot before. You should know if she has ever had a G-Spot or squirting orgasm. If not, do it before you start!

She may have never been touched in the G Spot in her life, hence the first time can be a very intense sensation for her. Some women have mental blocks about G Spot stimulation. Most of them think it may hurt, or maybe they may not be able to handle such a strong sensation.

Maybe she has had a painful or a bad experience before with the G Spot stimulation. Probably someone that did not know what he was doing. Some may even believe the G-Spot does not exist!

Some women may decide to not even want to try it, and as a result they will miss out on this amazing type of orgasm they could have. It’s your job to help her break any mental blocks she may have, and guide her to open her mind to this new experience.

 2. She Will Fear To “Pee” On The Bed

This is probably the first and most common problem you will face when trying to give your woman a G Spot Orgasm. As you already should know, when a woman has a G-Spot Orgasm she may squirt or ejaculate.

A woman ejaculates through the urethra, which means that she will have the sensation of the urge to pee when she is about to orgasm. If she has never ejaculated before, she will be worried about making the bed wet and that pee will come out.

You need to make her understand that you want to see her ejaculate. Convince her that she should not worry or have the fear to pee on the bed. The fact is that it’s not pee what will come out, is her ejaculation liquid.  Make sure she understands that, so she can enjoy the experience.

 3. Lack Of Sexual Arousal

Good preparation is the key to be successful in everything you try in life. The same thing happens with the G Spot stimulation. The lack of preparation may lead to a bad or poor experience, and she may not ever want to try it again…

Things you MUST prepare or do  before you start:

1. Prepare a nice and comfortable area to do it (bed or sofa are best)

2. Give her a nice massage before you start. This will bring her to the present and the moment she is living. It will also relax her.

3. Play some nice relaxing music with some soft lighting (candles) and nice scents.

4. Have lots of lube ready! A natural oil works best. You will need it.

5. If she squirts she will make everything very wet. She will feel more secure if she sees the towels protecting the bed or sofa!

6. Communicate with her. Let her know you would love to see her squirt and not to worry.

4. Starting To Stimulate The G-Spot Too Fast

This is a very common mistake many guys make and this can ruin the experience. You must start very slow if your woman has no previous experience. Start with the basic “come here motion technique” with one finger only.

Move it very slow, make sure you find the g-spot correctly, and observe how she reacts to it. Talk to her. If you go too fast and strong it may hurt her, and she will feel very uncomfortable with it. Don’t rush it.

She needs to get used to the sensation and you have to build up her excitement very slow. You can “go straight to the point” only with experienced squirters, as they know what they have to feel and they can have a g spot orgasm quite fast.

 5. Your Arm Will Get Tired

Probably the first times you try to give your woman a squirting orgasm your arm will most likely get very tired and sore. You may even have some cramps in your forearms. The thing is that most likely you never do this type of movement with your arms and hands in your daily life.

The bad news…you have to deal with it. There is now way around it. Simply slow down or stop for a while. Kiss her and caress her for a bit and then continue.

The good news…the more you try it, the better you will handle it and the pain will disappear.

In conclusion, it’s very important that you take into account these possible problems you will face with the g spot stimulation. That will make it an enjoyable and a pleasurable experience for her.

The more you practice the easier it will be to overcome these problems, and she will have intense and amazing orgasms she will never forget.

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