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Charlie Beaular

3 G-Spot Orgasm Problems

Problems with g spot orgasm

The g-spot orgasm are the most intense vaginal orgasms a woman can have, but they also requires patience to reach it. There are 3 main problems you will face when trying to stimulate the g-spot to give your woman a g-spot orgasm.

These problems are quite common among most men and women when they start the quest to reach the g-spot orgasm. Don’t worry if they happen to you as well. The main problems are the following:[/vc_column_text]


1. G-Spot Orgasm Stimulation Causes a Sore Arm

The first time you try to stimulate her g-spot most likely your arm gets very tired and cramped. There is no way around this problem, just deal with it and with time it will not happen again. Start very slow and take your time, be patient!

2.  Mental blocks

These are blocks that we start to build in our personality when we are very young. Our culture, family values, religious believes, etc., will build our personality with our values and our fears. The g-spot orgasms are a taboo type of female orgasms for many people and there are people who actually believe that this type of orgasm does not exist and that it’s a myth.

Our mind is our strongest sexual organ without any doubt. She needs to be in the present enjoying the stimulation she is receiving or she will not have the orgasm. It’s that simple. Mental blocks and chatter in her mind don’t help.

3. She will hold the ejaculation

A g-spot orgasm can lead to female ejaculation , also called squirting orgasm. When a woman is about to ejaculate, she will have an urgent need to pee. Remember she will ejaculate through the urethra, so her sensation will be the same as when she needs to pee badly.

The first time she will most likely hold it inside and not ejaculate, as she will be worried to pee on herself and make the bed very wet. For most women female ejaculation is only a sexual fantasy, and helping her to experience it is a great sexual experience.

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