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Running Man G-Point Stimulation

the running man technique

In this video you will learn an advanced G-Point stimulation technique that we call the “running man technique“. This is a type of technique that you can use when you become an expert stimulating the g-spot. Using this technique can give any woman an incredible g-spot squirting orgasm that she will not forget.

It’s an intense and very deep sensation that could make her shiver and convulse at the time of orgasm. It’s also a great new thing to do as a couple if your sexual relationship is not at its best and sex frequency is very low.

The Running Man Technique

The first thing to do is lubricate the area very well. use a natural oil preferably, such as grape seed oil. Use it to lubricate the inside and outside areas of the vagina. This is very important as the vaginal tissue is very sensitive.

The process for the running man technique stimulation will be the following:

1. For this technique you will use the index and middle fingers.

2. Introduce the 2 fingers in the vagina facing up about 2 knuckles inside and locate the g-spot.

3. Start very slow moving both finger in a come here motion.

4. Finally start moving them simulating a running man.

This type of g-spot stimulation can give your woman amazing squirting orgasms with ejaculation. It’s only for advanced lovers who know how to stimulate the g-spot already.

Watch the  running-man technique demonstration Video Below

Possible Problems And Tricks

Take into account that for some women this technique may be a bit aggressive and will not be able to stand it at first. The sensation will be very intense at first. If she has never felt it before, you can start very slow using just one finger.

If she does not orgasm with this technique you can try placing your other hand on top of her pubic bone. This will create some downward pressure that will make the sensation more intense.

Don’t start too fast as your fingers and forearm will get tired. Make sure you have enough stamina to keep going when she is about to this amazing type of female orgasm.

Ideally she should be lying on her back with her legs bended for better stimulation and easier reach to the g-spot. She will also be more relaxed and comfortable. The position is similar to the conventional oral sex position.

In clonclusion, the running man technique is a great g-spot stimulation technique that your woman will love. Try it better in a relaxed ambiance with nice lighting and scents to make sure that her mind in the present enjoying the stimulation.

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