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5 Best Foreplay Tips For Him

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I want to share with you the 5 best foreplay tips for him to dominate foreplay. Female orgasms depend on good foreplay tremendously.

The 5 Best Foreplay Tips For Him

Foreplay is without doubt one of the most important aspects in sex. The main reason for the importance of foreplay is that women get excited in a complete different way than men do.

Men are much more visual than women, as we get excited easily and fast with any visual stimulation. This is one of the reason why men many times have trouble to last longer in bed, as we get over excited and anxious as well.

There are also some physical differences such as male and female ejaculation. Men accumulate semen with time, and at some point they will have to release it or it will become uncomfortable. Women do not accumulate ejaculation liquid and don’t have that urge.

On the other hand, women excitement triggers in a complete different way. For women the excitement comes through touch, caresses, kisses and their own imagination.

In this video-post I share with you 5 tips that will help you to better dominate foreplay games, as they are necessary, and in my opinion a lot of fun as well.

1.Never Go Straight To The Point

One of the most common mistakes guys do is to go straight to the point. They go directly to eat or touch the clitoris. They need time and touch and kissing to trigger their mind to get into a sexual mood.

Don’t go straight to the point and take your time, so she gets sexually excited and ready for sex. The most important aspect to have in mind here is that only if she is very excited she will have an orgasm.

For example; when you do oral sex,  never ever go straight to stimulate the clitoris. Kiss all the area around it before you eat it out.

2. Discover New Erogenous Areas

Especially relevant to improve foreplay are the sensitive and erogenous areas a woman has. All men need to know all the common sensitive areas like the neck, the butt, vaginal and clitoris areas, etc. Ask her if she has any special spot or sexual fantasy she may have.

But if you really want to make a difference and surprise her try new spots. Areas like the ears, the back, the inner thighs, the feet, or the wrists will make her go wild. She has probably nobody has stimulated her on these areas before.

3. Use Sex Toys

Sex toys are awesome for sex play and to improve foreplay for him. They introduce a new dimension and external factors that make sex more interesting and fun.

Most important, use toys you have never seen. And of course remember toys for men exist as well…sex toys are not limited to dildos.

4. Teasing

Teasing is an absolute “must” do in foreplay games. There is really nothing more exciting than playing in sex. Start to stimulate her and stop when you see she is enjoying it. Then start again and stop.

Do this for a while in different areas, and she will be so sexually aroused and excited that she will have an orgasm immediately.

5. Kissing

Finally, this is one of my favorite foreplay tips for him. Why? Because men forget to kiss, especially in long term relationships.

Maybe he will kiss shortly before it all starts, but forgets about kissing the rest of the sexual encounter.

Unfortunately, most men don’t realize how much women love to kiss, and how much it helps to arouse her sexually.

In conclusion, make sure you put these foreplay tips for him into practice today and start to dominate foreplay.

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