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Charlie Beaular

Foreplay Games Tips For Better Sex

foreplay games

Foreplay Games

Foreplay games are one of the best parts of sex and one of the most fun sexual activities to do. There is no limit on how many sexual foreplay sex games you can do, and all of them are great and a hot thing to do with your sex partner.

I terms of female sexual arousal, foreplay stimulation is a must,if you want to get your woman wet and ready for great sex. It’s also very important if you want to give her an intense and strong orgasm that she will not forget like a g-spot orgasm. or even making her squirt. Women need to be very arouse to have deep orgasms.

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Foreplay Tips 

The amount of sex games you can do are endless. let me share 4 great tips that will make your foreplay experience even better.

  • Use Lubrication

Lubrication can make the foreplay games much more exciting and hot. The sensation of the slick skin and the visual turn on of an oily skin will certainly make sex games much more interesting. The best option will be using a natural oil, as it works best and best and makes the touch sensation hot and naughty.

  • Have Long Foreplay

Extending the foreplay for a long period will do wonders in terms of increasing female arousal. She will be ready for awesome sex and will expand her sensitivity and sensations. This will lead to very intense and deep orgasms for her as well. And it’s also great fun 🙂

  • Blindfold Yourselves

This is one of the best foreplay tips you will ever do. Blindfolding yourselves will block the visual excitement and will force you both to focus on other sensations like touch and smell. Caress each other’s body very slow, enjoying the sensation both will have and let your imagination run wild and free. This is a great foreplay tip for him.

  • Use Sex Toys In Foreplay

Using sex toys is a great option to expand your sensations and you imagination in your foreplay sex games. Sex toys give you an awesome variety and possibilities to do the common foreplay games in a whole new version. There are thousands sex toys for her and also for him, and here your imagination is the limit. The most common ones are dildos, handcuffs, vibrators, naughty clothes, gels, and many more.

Cunninlingus As Foreplay

Doing a cunninlingus, which is doing oral sex on her, is one of the best foreplay games you can ever do. Not only in terms on getting her very wet and ready to have vaginal sex, but also as a great way to give her an awesome clitoris orgasm and  get her in an orgasmic state.

There are many men who say they don’t like doing oral stimulation on a woman, but they have no idea what they are missing out and how much women adore oral sex.

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Foreplay Tips For Him

If you are a man reading this, make sure you put all these ideas into practice. Becoming a master at foreplay will give you an awesome advantage over other guys if you are trying to date women. Women adore oral sex.

Women get excited in a complete different way men do, so understanding this process, and learning all these foreplay techniques will guarantee you awesome sex and being considered an extraordinary lover by most women.

Forget of any insecurities you may have, such as penis size or maybe thinking she will compare you to previous lovers. believe me, if you master the foreplay games, she will want to have sex you forever.

Another advantage of being a great froeplay lover, is that you will not have to worry about your stamina to last longer in bed. Foreplay games take time, and will get your woman totally ready for sex and to have orgasms much faster, which will help reduce your stamina needs.

Other Sex Games

There are other sex games you can play as foreplay as well. These are sex foreplay variations that can really help for sexual arousal.

  • Dirty Talking

This is one of my favorite things to do and is also a great sex game to use as foreplay to get any woman aroused. Women love dirty talk as much as men, but you need to know how and when to use it.

  • Bondage

The bondage world is not for everyone, as it may involve some type of pain or violence. Many people get excited with this type of activities, and it’s another option if you want to explore it.

  • Dirty Texting

Without doubt this is one of the best ways to get a woman aroused using the anticipation technique. This technique drive women crazy, as anticipation to what will happen later is a great way to get them very excited for sex.