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Charlie Beaular

The Female Orgasm

female orgasm

The world of the female orgasm is just fascinating. This is my simple definition of a female orgasm:

“A female orgasm is the climax of sexual pleasure resulting of the stimulation of one or more areas of the female sexual anatomy. During the orgasm the female will experience involuntary rhythmic contractions  throughout her body, specially localized in the pelvic area. The mind plays a very important role, as it triggers the pleasure sensations, fantasies, and imagination that lead to the orgasm physical climax. The orgasm could be considered a perfect moment of “empty mind”, and a moment of being purely in the present.”

A female orgasm will last in average around 20 seconds of intense pleasure, but this may vary depending on the women and the type of orgasm as well.

Obviously there is much more to say about female orgasms. In reality, it’s a much more complex issue that needs plenty of attention and debate. So just keep reading…

How To Stimulate A Woman?

Let’s start by saying that men and women are completely different when it comes to sex and sexual stimulation or sexual climax. The main reasons are these two:

How To Get A Woman Aroused

Most of the time women need intimate touch and mental stimulation to get sexually excited and wet in order to have a strong orgasm. This excitement is reached with foreplay games, kisses, sensitive touch, and mental stimulation (fantasies, imagination, etc).

This process may take some time, as a large amount of blood needs to be flowing towards the vagina and clitoris area to be ready for stimulation. That’s why there is “never enough” foreplay and preparation to get your woman ready for sex.

As you may know, men are much more visual than women. Almost any sexual image will trigger their sexual desire, and they will be automatically ready for sex with an erection. Men achieve orgasms much easier and faster than women most of the time.

On the other hand, most people would agree that female orgasms are stronger and longer then men’s orgasms. Just as a fact you should know, the vagina and the clitoris have much more nerve endings than the penis, so the pleasure capability is much larger and there is more orgasm variety as well.

How Female Sexuality Works

Strong female orgasms will occur when you are able to bond the female mind, body and soul. This may sound as a cliché, but it’s very true that when a woman is in love, in peace and healthy, the chances of her having strong orgasms multiply exponentially.

Women need to feel secure and loved in order to fully give themselves sexually, which will lead to amazing orgasms.

Of course the conditions mentioned above don’t mean that women can’t have orgasms without having any foreplay. For sure women can enjoy “quickies” as well, and have orgasms really fast without any previous stimulation.

Any fantasy or mental stimulation a woman may have that’s being fulfilled can trigger a very quick orgasm. It’s not about how you get to the orgasm excitement level, the key is that she is very aroused and that she can reach the orgasm.

Types Of Female Orgasms

There are four different basic types of female orgasms. Any other type of orgasm is normally a mix or combination of any of these 4 types or orgasms, which are the following:

1. Clitoris Orgasm

This orgasm is the most common type of female orgasm, because it’s probably the easiest one to reach, and it’s normally the type of orgasm women discover when they start masturbating. Clitoris orgasms are reach through direct or indirect clitoris stimulation.

2. Vaginal Orgasm

Many women will say that the vaginal orgasm is the strongest and deepest orgasm they can have. In order to give a vaginal orgasm you will need to stimulate the inside of the vagina.

3. Squirting Orgasm

The squirting orgasm is a type of a vaginal orgasm, and occurs when a woman ejaculates. It’s commonly called female squirting orgasm, as when a woman ejaculates, she squirts the ejaculation liquid like a fountain in many cases.

4. Anal Orgasm

Female anal orgasms are reach through anal penetration or stimulation, and can also lead to very deep orgasms. Many women will need to stimulate the clitoris or vagina at the same time in order to reach an anal orgasm.

This means that this could also be considered a type of mixed orgasms or simultaneous orgasms.

Mixed or Simultaneous Orgasms

A mixed orgasms consists in having 2 or more of the 4 basic types of female orgasms at the same time. For many women this is not very difficult to achieve. Actually many of them need to stimulate the clitoris in order to be able to reach vaginal or anal orgasms.

These are very intense types of female orgasms, in which most women will say that: “I really don’t know where the orgasm was coming from…”

Female Sexuality

In order to give great and intense female orgasms you need to know the female sexual anatomy very well, and understand how each sexual organ works, and how it all bonds together. Watch this great video below on Female Sexual Anatomy:

These are the main orgasm or glands you need to know very well. Not only where they are located,  but also how they work and function (See picture below):

  • The clitoris
  • The vagina
  • The G-Spot
  • The A-Spot
  • The anus
  • The urethral sponge and Skene´s glands
  • The PC muscle and pelvic muscles

Female Orgasm Psychology

As I mentioned before, I believe that the mind is definitely the strongest sexual organ humans have, and that is specially so for women.

The mind has to be involved in order to be able to have an orgasm, and not only that; the mind has to be in the present and with no other thoughts or issues running around. Without mind there is no orgasm.

The mind communicates the sensations or stimulations she is receiving to the sexual organs (kisses, sensual touch, etc..). If she is thinking about something else, this communication will not happen or will happen incorrectly, and therefore there will be no real excitement or arousal.

Understanding how the female mind works in terms of sex is the key to give any woman amazing orgasms. The capability of bringing her to the present, and stopping the chatter in her mind, is the strongest sexual asset a man can have.

Women get aroused by touch and imagination. They are not so visual. Imagining hot sexual situations and fantasies will arouse a woman much more than any visual stimulation. Activating her mind to imagine things and situations is the best way to give her to amazing orgasms.

Best Sex Positions For Female Orgasms

In the Kamasutra you will find over 1.000 different sex positions you can try. I think it’s a great read and an awesome source to fantasize about sex. The truth is that  90% of the sex positions you will find in the book are not reachable for any normal couple.

The fact is that you will need quite some strength or flexibility to do many of these positions. I think trying to do all the kamasutra positions is a great sex game or fantasy, but not ideal to actually have strong orgasms.

In my opinion there are 3 basic positions in sex, and any other position with a fancy name you may find, is a variation of these three:

  • Missionary (He on top)
  • She on top
  • Doggy style

Obviously every couple is different with their own physical handicaps and sex position preferences. I will not say which is the best positions to have an orgasm.

All I will say, is that you have to be comfortable. You must have the capability to control your body, control your breathing, and be able to physically feel what you need to feel to trigger your orgasm (certain type of thrust, certain spot stimulation, certain rhythm, etc.)

Find your own series of “orgasm positions” that work best for you, and just do them when you want to orgasm. Don’t try the impossible, as you will get sexually frustrated and that makes no sense.

Female Climax Sex Education

To wrap it up, I have to say that the world of female orgasms is fascinating and truly worth studying. Any good lover must know and understand how  the female orgasm works. He must also know what triggers women to have all kinds of strong and deep orgasms.

Most men do not educate themselves to be able to satisfy their woman completely, and this is the most common and worst mistake men do. Below I share with you some of the best sex and dating courses you will find in the Internet.

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