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Charlie Beaular

Female Orgasm Blueprint Review

Name: Female Orgasm Blueprintfemale orgasm blueprint
Company: Orgasm Arts
Author: Jason Julius
Topic: Female Orgasm Techniques and Mental Aspects of Sex

Official Website: Click Here

“Female Orgasm Blueprint is Very Comprehensive, Clear, And Clean Orgasm Techniques Course To Help You Give Amazing Orgasms To Any Woman” Review by Charlie Beaular


Who is this sex ed program for?

Excellent for: Men between 21 and 65 years old single or in committed relationship , and for couples that want to improve their sexual life together

Not good for: Men who are looking for sexually explicit courses

Overall Program Evaluation

The Good
Female Orgasm Blueprint is done in a very clean way, using a rubber female alike model to do all the technique demonstrations. You can watch this course with your wife or girlfriend without making her feel uncomfortable. All the techniques are very well explained and with great emphasis on the mental side of sex.

The Bad
Some of the orgasm techniques like the A-Spot Orgasm are for advanced lovers as they require skills to implement. Maybe an extra module with a real life squirting orgasm demonstration could have been useful.

Bottom Line
Overall this is probably Female Orgasm Blueprint the most complete and best explained sex course that I have ever seen. Demonstrations are very clear and the course is well structured. Jason Julius does a great job and it’s proven that he knows what he talks about. I recommend this course for any person who is doing his first ever sex course. It’s a great start to develop female orgasm technique skills that work.


Female Orgasm Blueprint Content

Course Description

This is one of the best and most comprehensive sex courses in the Internet. Jason Julius covers everything you need to know about female orgasms techniques, and all the mental aspects that can block her to have intense and amazing orgasms.

Female Orgasm Types And Techniques

This is an overall awesome course, where you will learn about all types of orgasms a woman can have. All the videos last between 15-20 minutes are done with a  rubber model and are very clear to understand. About 80% of the course is just pure orgasm techniques and value-packed information.

The course is done in a clean way, with no nudity and with great class. He uses a rubber model to illustrate the techniques, so you can watch this with your girlfriend without making her feel uncomfortable.

You will need to practice the techniques and some may be more difficult to implement than others, but they all work magically.

In the orgasm techniques modules Jason does an introduction where he speaks about the type of orgasm he will demonstrate. Here he explains  some facts and important tips and insights you need to understand before you actually start stimulating the areas to give the orgasm.

After the introduction he uses a rubber life-like female model to explain in full detail the stimulation techniques you have to do to give the type of orgasm he is explaining in each module.

In each video he will give tips on the type of lubrication to use, some issues you will face when trying to do the type of orgasm, the best position to do it and much more.

The rubber model is really very much life-like and works perfectly to explain the techniques, so there is no problem of not using real women to do the demonstrations. He explains them to full detail and leaves nothing on the table.

Needless to say that the g-spot orgasm techniques video and the squirting orgasm videos are the highlight of this course, where Jason explains in full detail how to do the basic and advanced techniques to make your woman squirt. He is an expert at doing this and it shows.

The last Video on advanced female orgasm techniques is great and full of very innovative stimulation techniques. These techniques will give you a great qualitative advantage in your sexual skills, and will make your woman really enjoy new sensations and types of orgasms guaranteed.

Female Mental Aspects In Sex

One of the best information you will learn in this course are the female mental aspects in sex. Women and men don’t work the same way when it comes down to sex and Jason does a great job at teaching you the right techniques to help you woman relax and enjoy new types of stimulations.

Learning to help your woman relax to enjoy these new types of orgasms is key in order to be able for her to enjoy female ejaculation and squirting. These are completely new sensations for most women and some may not be willing to open up to them.

The relaxation techniques are great, based on learning how to talk to a woman in” her sexual language”. Not all women are the same, and have different personalities.

If your woman is shy and has some mental blocks when it comes down to experimenting new things, you will find it easy to know what to say and how to persuade her to relax and enjoy these new sensations.

This comes specially handy when you try to give her a squirting orgasm. Most women have never experienced an ejaculation before, and they may be somewhat scared to feel it as it is a very strong and deep sensation. The mind aspect here is crucial and you will learn how to play that game.

Guiding Her Mind

In this course one thing will come quite clear and that is that the mind is our strongest sexual organ, for man and women. But this is specially so for women, as they need sexual mental arousal to actually get in the mood to have sex. Men are much more visual in this aspect.

This course is mainly focused for couples or lovers who have a certain level of intimacy already. Some of the suggestions Jason makes about talking to your woman arise from that perspective and situation.

He makes great emphasis on respecting your woman, and at no point he speaks about guiding her mind as a suggestion of manipulation. Once a woman has a certain level of intimacy he will be open to rasing up the level of dirtiness in the conversation and even in the sex games you can play together. But for that she must feel respected and secure.

The whole module on guiding her mind speaks about how to reach a level of confidence where you can actually start guiding her towards wanting to do new things and experiment the techniques you have learnt with her.

These mind guiding techniques may not work if you are single and try to do it with girls you don’t know well or have a low level of confidence and complicity.

Female orgasm blueprint video review

Click on the video below to watch a full Female Orgasm Blueprint Video Review, where you will be able to get a sneak peek of what you will find in this sexual education program

About The Author – Jason Julius

Jason Julius is the founder of the company Orgasm Arts, and creator of multiple sex education courses for men. He lives in San Diego, California, and since 2009 he has been teaching men how to become better lovers.

Jason is a self-made sex expert, as his expertise comes from his personal experience and by learning everything about female sexuality and female anatomy on his own. He likes to explain the story how he discovered female ejaculation and how he gained his fame as the “Squirting King”.

Obviously, his girlfriend was happy to help him research new orgasm techniques, and since then, he has been teaching all his discoveries to men around the world. All his courses are fantastic in terms of the quality of the information and in terms of how he presents them. female Orgasm Blueprint is his masterpiece in terms of sexual education.

Product Content

With this course you will have access to the following material which is divided in different modules. The modules are very clearly separated and each module covers different topics or different types of female orgasm techniques.The course covers a total of 10 modules that cover different topics or techniques


MODULE 1: Mindset for approaching orgasms
How to set your and her mind before you start learning and implementing these techniques
MODULE 2:  Guiding Her Mind
The importance on the female mind when it comes down to have orgasms and how you can guide her to achieve them.
MODULE 3: Female Anatomy
You will learn the female sexual anatomy, all the parts involved in the female orgasm,  and how they work together
MODULE 4: Clitoral Orgasms
How to stimulate the clitoris with your fingers to give incredible clitoris orgasms to your woman. Basic and advanced masturbation techniques
MODULE 5: G-Spot Orgasms
How to stimulate the G-spot and how to give intense G-Spot full body orgasms to any woman. Includes basic and advanced techniques.
MODULE 6: A-Spot Orgasms
The A-Spot (or Deep Spot) orgasm stimulation is not very well know. This module covers the location and stimulation of this deep and intense spot.
MODULE 7: Oral Sex orgasms
A very special module that teaches the correct techniques to eat pussy correctly, not like it is seen and done on adult movies.
MODULE 8: Squirting orgasms aka female ejaculation
The best module which includes how female ejaculation occurs and how you can stimulate the g-spot or A-spot to give full body shaking squirting orgasms to any woman
MODULE 9: Troubleshooting
Implementing these techniques will take some practice and you will face some problems that are covered in this module.
MODULE 10: Forever Orgasms
This module covers very advanced techniques that can be implemented after the basic and previous techniques are mastered.

Bonuses Included

Bonus 1: Quick Guide To female Orgasms E-Book
Bonus 2: How To Talk Dirty Tutorial
Bonus 3: Guide To Female Anal Orgasms
Bonus 4: Secrets To Female Sexual Persuasion 
Bonus 5: Male Sexual Confidence

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is this course effective?

Yes, this is Female Orgasm Blueprint is a very effective course as all the techniques that are taught really work to give amazing orgasms to any woman. It has been proven by thousands of men who have tried them around the world. Even the more advanced techniques work when implemented correctly so it’s a very highly recommended course.

  1. Is this unique information?

This course is about female orgasm techniques and mental aspects as well. Most of the more basic techniques can be found in other similar courses, but there are some advanced techniques which are unique and great. The fact that Jason uses a rubber model to demonstrate the techniques is also different and a clean way to do it, so you can watch this course with your wife without making her feel uncomfortable.

  1. The techniques and concepts are easy to implement?

The basic techniques are easy to follow and simple to implement. Any person can do it, even if they are not experienced lovers. The more advanced techniques are more difficult to understand and grasp, and some may require more practice and understanding to implement them.

  1. How do I know if this course good for me?

This course is ideal for any person, beginner or advanced lovers, as there is information in this course that will be new for everybody. If you are willing to learn to give all types of orgasms to your woman, and learn the correct techniques to do them, this is your course. I would recommend it to every man in the planet. It’s very complete start becoming an amazing lover.

  1. Will the techniques work with every woman?

Yes, these techniques work for every woman. Remember that all women are made equal, with the same organs and glands and capable of having any kind of orgasm.. Most of the time the real problem is in her mind, as she may have mental blocks that don’t allow her to have full body orgasms. Jason talks about how to overcome this blocks and how to do exercises that can help her.

  1. Is There Explicit Nudity On This Course?

No, there is no nudity or pornography at all. Jason uses a life-like rubber model to demonstrate the techniques and you can watch this course with your wife without making her feel strange or uncomfortable.

  1. What’s this courses value for money?

In my opinion the information you will find in this course very much worth $67. The course is probably one of the best and most complete sexuality courses you can find out there and is even low priced compared to others. It’s without doubt worth the money.

 Product features

  • Creator: Orgasm Arts
  • Coach: Jason Julius
  • Skills Taught:  All The Female Orgasm Techniques And Mental Aspects
  • Material Format:  Videos + E-book. Immediate Access And Download Via Member’s Area.
  • Payment: Secure Encrypted Payment Gateway accepting All Credit Cards And Paypal
  • Money-Back Guarantee: Trustworthy 60-Day Money Back Guarantee No Questions Asked
  • Free Content: Yes. Access To Value Packed Free Content Subscribing To The Newsletter.
  • Released in: 2009

    PRICE: $67



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