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Charlie Beaular

Our Review of Female Liquid Orgasm

Company: Personal Life Media

Author: Tallulah Sulis

Topic: Female Squirting Orgasms

Official Website: Click Here

rating 9

Rating: Excellent Product

female liquid orgasm

“One Of The Most Complete And Best Courses Focused Only On Female Ejaculation And Squirting Orgasm Techniques”
Review by Charlie Beaular

Who is this sex ed program for?

Excellent for: Men or women between 21 — 65 single or in committed relationship

Not good for: Anyone under 21

Overall Evaluation


The Positive

This is an into depth course on how to give a squirting orgasm with ejaculation to any woman. The videos and audios are awesome and very detailed explaining the sensitive spots anatomy, the different  fingering techniques to give a squirting orgasm and the mental aspects of female ejaculation.


The Negative

A troubleshooting module could have been useful the squirting orgasm is one of the most difficult female orgasms to learn and to achieve. 


My Opinion

If you really want to master and understand female squirting orgasms and female ejaculation this is definitely your program. It’s only focused on this topic with real life models demonstrations and real life women ejaculation in the videos. It’s all done with good class and the explanations are clear and down to the last detail. Includes e-book, audio tutorials, stroking video demonstration, and real life squirting orgasms.


Course Description

The  Female Liquid Orgasm course is an  advanced program of stroking and communication techniques to help you make any woman squirt and experience female ejaculation. These techniques are the result of years of doing workshops and experimenting with real couples.

This course teaches special stroking patterns and will analyze the female anatomy in a very special way. This combination will lead not only to teach any woman how to have g-spot squirting orgasms, it will also awaken her hidden pleasure spots so she can experience a new level of sexual satisfaction.

Getting her ready for female ejaculation

One important aspect of this course is the mental approach to female ejaculation, as it is at the end as important as the stroking techniques. Why? Because many woman are worried or even scared to ejaculate.

Most women experience only clitoris orgasms throughout their lives, and some may be lucky enough to also experience vaginal orgasms. But squirting orgasms is a complete new thing and a complete new experience and sensation. It’s probably the most intense type of orgasm a woman can have, and that can create some fears.

When a woman ejaculates she will have a strong urge to pee, as she ejaculates via the urethra, just like men do. Most probably she will think she is about to pee, and most women will hold the ejaculation liquid  inside and will not experience the squirting orgasm. Many will also fear or feel embarrassed to “pee” on the bed and make a mess.

Overcoming these fears and letting go requires mental training and communication, and this course does a great job at helping her overcome these problems and approaching her to be willing to experiment female ejaculation.

You will find a whole section on how to help your women overcome the “shame” of maybe not being able to ejaculate, and the sensation that maybe there is “something wrong” with her. This is a very common problem that needs to be addressed.

Another section will also speak about the “healing” of the g-spot, maybe due to a sexual trauma or shame, which will turn her into a new woman.

How to make a woman experience a liquid orgasm

In order to give a squirting orgasm to any woman you need to know how to find the g-spot and learn the stroking  techniques. In this course you will learn that the G-Spot has 2 highly sensitive areas and you will learn how to easily identify them.

You will learn how to blend the 7 types of orgasms a woman can have to blend them with the squirting orgasm. This will make it easier for her to reach ejaculation and will make her pleasure increase exponentially.

There are 5 G-Spot stimulation options, and you can use any of them depending on which of the 4 female prostate types your woman has. You will also learn how to actually stimulate her with your penis, plus a full description on how to do a solo hands exploration of the g-spot area.

How does female ejaculation work?

In order to dominate and master any type of sexual technique you need to understand how the orgasm process works in terms of anatomy and organs involved in it. In this course you will access a full detailed female ejaculation anatomy map, and what each organ or muscle does when a woman ejaculates.

It’s very important to understand what the skene’s glands are and that a woman ejaculates prosthetic fluid that contains (PSA) prostate specific antigens,  and (PSAP) prostate- specific acid phosphates. You will be able to scientifically explain that female ejaculate is not pee.

In this course you will have videos of real women having squirting orgasms so you can see how it happens, how to stimulate the g-spot and how it works.

About The Author – Tallulah Sulis

Tallulah Sulis is a Certified Somatic Sexologist that has devoted most of her life to investigate and teach female ejaculation. She is recognized as one of the world’s best experts in female ejaculation techniques, and has helped thousands of women and couples realize their whole sexual potential experiencing female ejaculation.

She does regular workshops with only women and also with couples, where she demonstrates and shows them how they can reach this amazing type of orgasm. She is also the creator of other female ejaculation courses like Squirt Your Heart Out and Make Any Woman Squirt.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is this course effective?
This course is highly effective to learn how to make a woman experience female ejaculation. The whole course focuses only on this topic and explains in great detail the mental and physical aspects of squirting orgasm.

2. Is this unique information?
The basic areas and techniques of female ejaculation that you will find in this course can be found in other female ejaculation courses. But this course takes this topic to a much higher and detailed level, and many most of the information in it is unique to this program.

3. The techniques and concepts are easy to implement?
Some of these techniques are basic and easy to implement, but many of the advanced techniques and some of the mental aspects are not so easy to integrate or grasp, and will require practice, time and some work. You will probably need to watch some of the videos several times.

4. How do I know if any of these courses is good for me?
If you are a couple that wants to take your sexual life to the next level and experience new sensations in sex this course is definitely for you. If you are a single man or woman and have curiosity about how female ejaculation works and want to be able to dominate it, this course is definitely for you. It only talks about female squirting.

5. Will the techniques work for every person?
Yes, they will work for any healthy person, but it may require time and effort to achieve this type of orgasm

6. Is There Explicit Nudity On This Course?
Yes, the is full nudity and the demonstrations are done by real men and woman. There is explicit sex scenes where real women ejaculate done in a very tasteful way.

7. What’s this courses value for money?In my opinion the information in this course is so good, detailed and valuable that the $97 it’s a very fair price and great value for money. Learning these techniques will take your sex life to a next level and that is almost priceless.

Product Content

This course is divided in 6 main section that are presented in different formats of PDF, video and audios.

1.  Liquid Orgasms Revealed E-Book

2. Stroking Video Sessions
Includes 7 Videos of a couple demonstrating the stroking techniques for female ejaculation and all narrated by Tallulah explaining the techniques:
1. Anatomy
2. Warm Up
3. Clitoral Stroking
4. G-Spot Strokes
5. Second Finger
6. Free Form Squirting
7. More Free Form Squirting

3. Video Demonstrations
Includes 9 Videos Show Real Women Ejaculating. The videos are very sensitive and artful with Extraordinary film footage and tastefully produced:

1. Introduction
2. What is Female Ejaculation?
3. Awakening the G-Spot
4. Why Women Don’t Ejaculate
5. The Blended Orgasm
6. PC Muscles
7. Giving Birth To a Squirting Orgasm
8. A Beautiful Couple
9. Solo Squirt Scene and Conclusion

4. Audio Tutorials
Includes 6 audios where Tallulah Talks You Through Your Journey:

1 The Mind Body Check In
2 Her Clit Boner
3 Finding Her G-Spot
4 The Blended Orgasm
5 PC Muscle Exercises
6 Putting It All Together

5. Audio Interviews
Includes 4 Sexual Experts Interviewed explain their best secrets about female ejaculation in these audios

6. Resource Guide
Find a whole range of the most helpful and effective G-Spot and female ejaculation toys and accessories recommended by Tallulah.


  • Creator: Personal Life Media
  • Coach: Tallulah Sulis
  • Skills Taught: Female Squirting Ejaculation Orgasm Techniques
  • Material Format:  Videos, audios & e-book. Immediate Access And Download Via Member’s Area.
  • Payment: Secure Encrypted Payment Gateway accepting All Credit Cards And Paypal
  • Money-Back Guarantee: Trustworthy 30-Day Money Back Guarantee No Questions Asked
  • Free Content: Yes. Access To Value Packed Free Content Subscribing To The Newsletter.
  • Released in: 2010

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