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How Does Female Ejaculation Work?


In this video you will learn the whole process of how female ejaculation works and how it happens. You will also learn about all the areas of the female anatomy involved in the female ejaculation, and the female ejaculation medical explanation.

You may have seen videos of women cumming on adult movies. Unfortunately, these images of women gushing out lots of liquid may be fake, as they introduce water in the vagina artificially and then push it out to imitate an ejaculation. That are not real female orgasms.

But this doesn’t mean that female ejaculation does not exist. Female ejaculation does exist, and All Women Can Ejaculate!

All women have the same organs in their bodies. They just need to learn what they have to feel and do when their G-Spot or A-Spot are stimulated.

Therefore it’s very important to understand how the whole process of female ejaculation works, so we can know what is happening when problems arise.

Opposite to what many people may believe, women ejaculate through the urethra, so let me explain you how the whole process works:

The Female Ejaculation Process

I have divided the ejaculation process in 5 basic steps for an easier understanding of it:

Step 1

Women can ejaculate if they are stimulated in the correct spots. These spots are inside the vagina and are called the G-Spot and the A-Spot.

Step 2

A coorect stimulation of either of these spots will get them aroused and women will start to create the ejaculation liquid.The skene’s glands are responsible to create the ejaculation liquid. They are the equivalent to the male’s prostate.

Step 3

The skene’s gland’s are located in the urethral sponge, which is the area between the vagina and the urethral canal. The g-spot is also part of these area.

Step 4

Once the skene’s glands are full of prosthetic fluid and the woman has the orgasm, the liquid drains towards the urethral canal and comes out of the urethra.

Step 5

The ejaculation fluid is not pee! It’s a colorless and odorless liquid with a somewhat sweet taste because it contains glucose. If you ever see a woman ejaculating out of the vagina it’s a fake, which happens often in the porn movies.

As you can see, it seems like a simple process, but female ejaculation it’s not so easy to achieve.

Most women will actually not let the liquid out and will hold it in, as they will feel a great urge to pee when they are about to ejaculate.

Therefore the mind plays an important role in the female ejaculation orgasm, as most women will be afraid to pee. It’s a complete new sensation for them.

In conclusion, female ejaculation does exist, and all women can experience it. All women have the same organs. So it’s just a matter of having the correct state of mind and the correct stimulation.

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