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Charlie Beaular

Our Review of Expand Her Orgasm Tonight

Company: Personal Life Media

Author: Patti Taylor

Topic: Long Lasting Female Orgasms Techniques

Official Website: Click Here

9,1 rating

Rating: Excellent Product

expand her orgasm tonight

“Really Effective And Advanced Techniques On How To Hold Your Woman In Extended Peaks Of Pleasure” Review by Charlie Beaular

Who is this course for?

Excellent for: Men, women or couples between 21 — 65  in committed relationship

Not good for: Anyone under 21, single or in casual sex relationships

Overall Evaluation


The Positive

The best of this program is that it’s very complete with huge bonuses and extra valuable material. The core course is a 21-day program divided in 3 main modules that will give you a powerful mindset and sexual skills that will boost you capacity to receive and give pleasure and orgasms. Awesome value and unique information.


The Negative

Sometimes you feel like there is too much information that could have been divided further to make it easier to integrate into your sexual skillsets. Requires time to learn all the techniques and some may be difficult to grasp.


My Opinion

This is an advance course for lovers that want to take their sexual skills and sexual pleasure to the next level. It’s ideal for long term couples that want to improve their sexual life and search deeper into the pleasure and orgasm capabilities. Some of the techniques and exercises require a higher level of intimacy and confidence with the partner. Overall it’s a value-packed course totally worth the price  with innovative skill sets about tantra and female orgasm techniques.


Course Description

Expand Her Orgasm Tonight is a 21-Day Program for lovers and teaches couples that want to explore new ways of expanding their pleasure and orgasm capabilities along with new ways to feel sexuality. With this course you will discover a new genital stroking system that will lead your  woman to become multi-orgasmic, and to be able to stay in orgasmic bliss for more than 30 minutes at a time.

This course is perfect for women who love to have orgasm after orgasm, and also for women who have difficulty experiencing orgasms and need to feel more in sex. In addition, it’s also great for men who like to stimulate using their hands and fingers in lovemaking. The program is designed for couples who really want to connect at a different energetic level, and want to deepen their intimacy and sexual connection.

Enhancing Your Sexual Relationship and Intimate Connection

Many couples, after being together for several years, feel the need and the urge to take their relationship to much deeper level. The sexual relationship takes a new dimension in the search for more intimacy, love and spiritual connection.

In this search, new techniques are discovered, sex encounters may be less frequent, but on the other hand they are very intense in pleasure and quality. New levels of intimacy arise, connecting both in a different energetic state of mind and body.

This 21-day program will help you discover the ways and techniques to achieve this new approach to your sexual relationship and will help you discover new ways to give and receive sexual pleasure with your couple, and to increase awareness of your body and capabilities. In fact, your whole life will change for that matter.

About The Author – Dr. Patty Taylor

Dr. Patty Taylor is one of the world’s top experts expanding orgasms and pleasure. She does continuous workshops, conferences,  has written multiple books and articles on this subject. She has partnered with personal Life Media to Create this awesome course.

She is the author of another great course on expanding orgasms and tantra called Seduction Trilogy: Seduce Her Tonight, Seduction Accelerator and Her Sexual Trainer. Her podcast Expanded Lovemaking is followed by thousands of students that want to become better lovers and have deeper sexual relationships.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is this course effective?

This course is highly effective to take your sexual relationship to  new levels of intimacy, awareness, energy and pleasure. It’s probably the best course out there in this subject.

2. Is this unique information?

Yes, most of the concepts and techniques are unique to this program

3. The techniques and concepts are easy to implement?

The course has a 21 day program where you will learn and implement the techniques and exercises taught. There is a great amount of information in this course, so it will take some time(a few months) to be able to integrate them in your lovemaking skills.

4. How do I know if any of these courses is  good for me?

This course is designed for couples who have been together for a long period of time, their level of intimacy and confidence is already quite high and they want to take it to the next level. If you are single or in casual relationships this course is not for you.

5. Will the techniques work for every person?

Yes, they do work very well for any healthy person.

6. Is There Explicit Nudity On This Course?

Yes, some of the techniques shown are done by real couples having explicit sex with close ups. It’s all done in a very clean and classy way.

7. What’s this courses value for money?

Yes, a definite yes. The amount of techniques and exercises you will learn in this course will for sure change your sexual life and will make you a much better lover. If your relationship going through a difficult moment, and your sex life is not good or even not existing, this program will help you tremendously. It could probably save your marriage or relationship. The $97 it’s a very fair and balanced price for what you get.

Product Content

The course is delivered in PDF e-book , video and audio formats depending on the module and section. Table of Contents:

E-Book The Expanded Orgasm 21-Day At-Home Discovery Program: The core parts of the program are organized into 3 cycles that ensure you learn the information from three very potent perspectives: body, energy, and awareness. You will learn unique and powerful mindset and skills that will boost your ability to give and receive deep and long lasting orgasmic pleasure

Video Entire ‘DO Date’ in Explicitly Detailed Dr. Patti guides a couple through an entire DO date while you watch all camera angles up close and very explicit His hands stroking her genitals, showing every technique for an awesome DO date where will experience multiple, non-stop expanded orgasms for over 30 minutes.

Excel Sheet Master Expanded Orgasm Practices Manual.

Video Dr. Patti’s Expanded Orgasm “Fireside Chats”

Video The Master Stroke With Explicit Fingering Technique Close Up Yoni Photos and Voice Over With Daka Raj

Video Essentials of the “Three Opening Strokes” Learn the exact technique to locate — and stay on — her “favorite spot.”

EBook Expanded Orgasm Revealed What makes Expanded Orgasm unique, comparisons with other types of orgasms, a guide to sources of orgasmic charge, and much more.

Video Creating the Space for Maximum Pleasure Learn the secrets to creating the perfect environment for connection and orgasmic pleasure!

EBook Frequently Asked Questions For a ‘not so common’ question, a slightly challenging issue, or to learn a little more.


1 Expanded Orgasm – What Makes It So Wonderfully Special?
2 Dr. Patti’s Journey into Expanded Orgasm
3 What You Can Expect From The EHOT Program
4 Amazing Tips for Men
5. Guided Sensual Meditations  8 Guided Sensual Meditations To Have Amazing Dates


Bonus eBook 1
“Just for Men” The keys to getting her hot for you. An “operating manual for succeeding with your lady,” and taking her — and you — to those wonderful erotic places!

Bonus eBook 2
“Just for Women” Secrets of showing your man how to eagerly give you your loving heart’s desires.

Bonus 3
TOP SECRET! In the astonishing “Dr. Patti’s Favorite Center-lines” learn phrases possessing an almost magical ability to keep orgasmic momentum through common sticking points.

Bonus 4
“7 Questions to Get What You Want in Bed” Ask for what you want and GET IT!

Bonus 5
“How Men Can Become Great Orgasmic Providers Through Tantric Massage” Dr. Patti interviews Richard Anton Diaz, Founder of Sexy Spirits.

Bonus 6
“Dr. Patti on Secrets of Self-Loving and Orgasmic Opening” Expanded Orgasm and sexual energy through self-loving (masturbation).

Bonus 7
“The Art of Doing a Woman” Interview with Dr. Patti on the art of giving a woman sexual pleasure, and taking her into heights of prolonged sexual ecstasy.

Bonus 8
“The Art of Taking a Woman Over the Edge” Interview with Dr. Patti sharing secrets to taking a woman to edge after orgasmic edge.


  • Creator: Personal Life Media
  • Coach: Patti Taylor
  • Skills Taught: Advanced Female Orgasm Techniques
  • Material Format:  Videos, audios & e-book. Immediate Access And Download Via Member’s Area.
  • Payment: Secure Encrypted Payment Gateway accepting All Credit Cards And Paypal
  • Money-Back Guarantee: Trustworthy 30-Day Money Back Guarantee No Questions Asked
  • Free Content: Yes. Access To Value Packed Free Content Subscribing To The Newsletter.
  • Released in: 2010

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