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Charlie Beaular

Body Language Double Your Dating Review


Company: Double Your Dating

Author: David DeAngelo

Topic: Dating Advice For Men

Official Website: Click Here

8.6 rating

Rating: Great Procuct


“Great Program To Understand The Power Of Body Language And How To Use It To Attract More Women” Review by Charlie Beaular

Who is this dating program for?

Excellent for: Any man that does not transmit security and self esteem with his body language

Not good for: Women or men that dominate body language

Overall Program Evaluation


The Positive

This dating program will help you identify you body language weaknesses and teach you very relevant and effective techniques to improve your non verbal language. The course focuses on the importance of attracting women without speaking a word and how to master it.


The Negative

Some of the videos are a bit repetitive with content aspects at some points of the program. The program is on the pricey side, but it’s worth the go.


My Opinion

I highly recommend this dating program to any man that has body posture problems and insecurity when he addresses women. The body language works at a subconscious level and you need to work hard on it to integrate a new way to express yourself. The methods and tips you will find in this dating course are effective and will work for any man.

Product Features And Information

  • Creator: Double Your Dating
  • Coach: David DeAngelo
  • Skills Taught:  Body Language Skills To Attract Women 
  • Material Format:  Video Format Immediate Download
  • Payment: Secure Encrypted Payment Gateway accepting All Credit Cards And Paypal
  • Money-Back Guarantee: Trustworthy 30-Day Money Back Guarantee No Questions Asked
  • Free Content: Yes. Access To Value Packed Free Content Subscribing To The Newsletter.
  • Released in: 2005

PRICE: $239.85

(or 5 payments of $57)