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Charlie Beaular

Best Sexual Fantasies You Can Try

sexual fantasies
Sexual fantasies are very stimulating, and you should take them seriously if we want to be sexually satisfied and happy in your life.

Why do I tell you this? Well, I have met many people, especially men, that as they grow older, they become sexually frustrated, because they have not experienced all the sexual fantasies they have.

The main reason for this is simple. When we are young, our worries are to  just have sex if we are lucky, and our sexual fantasies are quite basic normally. Maybe doing it in public, a threesome or something similar.

When we are older we start to have more sophisticated sexual fantasies as we have more life experience. Basically we start to become a bit more “fetish” in sex. Fantasies become more unique and sometimes a bit strange.

I have met men that like to ejaculate on her woman’s feet, men who like to be submissive, or women that want to have sex with a complete stranger.

Basically we all start looking for unique and special sex experiences, as our mind becomes more sophisticated as well. Just like we start liking one good glass of wine over 10 cheap beers.

These are 3 great sophisticated sexual fantasies that I recommend you to try if you have never done them. Of course, you need to agree on what and how before you do them, and both of you need to play their role in it to the end.

1. Professional Erotic Massage

You may have already given an erotic massage to your partner and vice versa. If not, I truly recommend you to do it, it’s a very intimate and a very intense erotic experience.

But my proposal goes a bit further. I recommend you to go and get a professional erotic massage with a professional erotic masseuse or masseur.

There are plenty of massage parlors that do it. I recommend to go to a nice and professional parlor…there are some scary ones as well. Be careful.

There are many different options to choose from in these parlors; you can have it with one masseur or one masseuse for both of you, or you can have one masseuse and one masseur at the same time.

Just ask for all the options and depending on your desires and your sexual fantasies you can choose what you want. In professional parlors there is no sexual intercourse, as it is a massage where everything is done manually.

It will start with a professional massage first, and the “happy ending” will be a sensual handjob for him, and a sensual masturbation for her. You decide as well.

This is an incredible and a very intimate thing to do. But you need to be prepared to see your partner touching and being touched by someone else. It can also be a “soft pre-test” if you have thought about doing a threesome, but you are not sure about it yet.

From the man’s side here, and as a suggestion, having 2 girls doing a handjob on you is really something to be experienced.

2. Role Playing Sexual Fantasy

This is one of my favorite fantasies and I love to do it. There is one very important thing you need to understand if you want to experience this sex fantasy: YOU MUST PLAY YOUR ROLE SERIOUSLY UNTIL THE END

This may sound obvious, but as you know your partner very well,  it’s easy to fall into laughing or not taking it seriously. You must avoid this.

For example: If you decide to do a female prostitute role play, she must dress like a prostitute, talk like a prostitute and “fuck” like a prostitute. And he must also play his role, ask for rates, and what things she would do to him.

You must play your role until the end, and of course he must pay her at the end! And that money is for her to spend in whatever she wants. This is not a give and take back. You must take it to the end to make it real.

That is role playing, and you can do anything you want here. As always, agree on it, and both have to be willing to do it to the end.

3. Tie Him Or Tie Her Up Sex Fantasy

This one may sound a bit simple, but it is not really so. This fantasy can become almost a mind game, and that makes it very exciting. Actually some people can’t bear to do it for too long.

I am going to speak from a man’s point of view here, but women can just do the same to men. To tie her up you can use padded handcuffs, any type of cloth rope or similar. Make sure it does not hurt her wrists.

I recommend to start with her arms only the first time, and maybe tie her legs in the future if she likes it. The legs tied can be a bit stressful the first time.

Ideally you should blindfold her as well, as you will be playing with surprises and with games. You don’t want her to know what is coming next. Maybe you can take it off towards the end.

Do this sexual fantasy very slow, as I said before, it becomes a mind game, and the goal here is to tease her to limits she has never experienced before.

Some additional sex fantasy ideas:

Use a feather to tickle all her body very slowly. Then kiss her in places you normally never do, start kissing and stop , then start again and stop.

Do the same with anything you want, oral sex, penetration, etc. Just make her want it so bad she will beg to be untied. But don’t do it.

She will feel a sensation of frustration and pleasure at the same time, and it is just a great way to do something different and also see what your limits are.

In this sexual fantasy I recommend to agree on a stop signal or stop word in case she or he wants to stop. It’s  easy to feel a bit of anxiety in this situation, and being tied up can be unbearable for some people. Be careful with that.

There are hundreds of fantasies you try and do. These are just some examples I want to share with you, as many of you probably want to try and find new sexual fantasies and sex experiences. 

Some more conventional fantasies could be doing first time anal sex, female ejaculation or sex toy play.

The most important thing when you try new sexual fantasies is that you agree on them with your partner first. Make sure that both are really willing to do it.

Be careful to do it just to satisfy your partner. Some fantasies can become a reason for break-up and even divorce if one of you is not ready to do it. It requires great communication and intimacy to make it work.

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