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Charlie Beaular

Best 5 Sex Positions For G-Spot Stimulation

g-spot stimulation sex positions - copia

In this article I want to share with you the best sex positions for g-spot stimulation while you are having sex with penetration. These positions are ideal to try to give your woman a squirting orgasm while having sex.

Have in mind that it’s not an easy task  for a woman to ejaculate during  sex, but once she has the experience she can find ways to actually experience the g-spot orgasm with your penis. It’s an amazing experience to live together for both of you, and I encourage you to try it.

The sex positions I will show you in this article have one thing in common, which is that due to the position of the woman, and the angle of the penis entrance into the vagina, the g-spot stimulation and friction increases, hence the possibilities of a squirting orgasm multiply if you do it correctly.

I recommend to try having this type of orgasm once you have made your girl squirt with your fingers. It’s necessary that she already has experienced an ejaculation before in order that she know what she needs to feel and where the g-spot. The first thing is to learn how to find the g-spot, know how it feels like when it’s stimulated, and finally she will be able to control it.

1. Woman Sitting On Top

This sex position is also known as the girl on top, riding Amazonas or riding cowgirl. Basically the woman has to sit on top of the man, sitting with his penis inside, and is probably the best sex position for g-spot stimulation. She has to do a bit of a twist to the original position in order to maximize the G-Spot stimulation, and that is she has to lean backwards as much as she can in order for the penis to have an angle that goes towards her belly button.

Remember that the g-spot is located about 1,5 to 2 inches inside the vagina in the upper front wall, so you want to hit her front wall of the vagina with your penis, and the penetration does not have to be too deep. In my opinion this is the best option to experience a g-spot orgasm during penetration, as the woman has the control and can actually move her body to have the correct angle and amount of friction that she needs to have the orgasm. See the picture below as an illustration of this position:

Difficulty: 3
Effectiveness: 9

2. Bulldog Doggy Style

Another good position for stimulation the g-spot directly, even though this position may be a bit physically difficult for the man, and he will need to be somewhat fit in order to be able  to maintain the position for a long period of time.

This is a variation of the regular doggy style position, in which the woman will be on the conventional doggy style position on her four, and the man does the variation by squatting and putting his legs on the sides of the women legs. By doing this he will be able to do enter his penis in an angle that goes towards the front wall of the vagina and hitting the g-spot directly.

Beware that this position may be a bit complicated at first, but it’s visually very exciting and the sensations for her are amazing. The picture below  shows how this position is done:

Difficulty: 8
Effectiveness: 8


3. Legs Up Missionary

This adaptation of the conventional sex missionary position is one of my favorite options for achieving effective g-spot stimulation during sex and making her squirt. This position is easy to do for both, man and woman, and it does not require much physical strength.

To do this position simply take the regular missionary position and the women puts her legs up; she can leave them on the air, or rest them against the man’s shoulders. Ideally she should lift her hips up in the air a little bit, to maximize the angle of the penis entrance into the vagina. It has to go as directly as possible towards her belly button.

In this position you will find that it’s fairly easy to achieve this extreme angle of penetration and especially the man will be in control of what is happening. The woman can also move her hips and adjust them to get the penis hitting the g-spot area as accurately as possible. The woman or man can stimulate the clitoris in this position quite easily for deeper pleasure. The picture below shows this position:

Difficulty: 2
Effectiveness: 9

missionary sex position legs up

4. Reverse Missionary

Another great position to stimulate the g-spot, where the man lays like in the regular missionary position on top of the woman, but in this case she will lay on her belly. This position creates a great angle of penetration that will certainly help to hit the g-spot during penetration.

I recommend that the woman put a small cushion under her belly and arches her but up a little bit in order to create an ideal angle of penetration directly towards her g-spot. She can also touch her clitoris easily in this position to enhance pleasure and orgasm intensity. This position is a bit more demanding physically for the man. See the picture below to have a vision of this position.

Difficulty: 4
Effectiveness: 7

reverse missionary sex position

5. Lotus Flower Position

Finally the lotus flower sex position, which is one of the best sex positions you can do, and it’s also a great way to stimulate the g-spot and try a squirting orgasm with penis penetration. This position may require  some flexibility from both parts, but it’s great if you can do it. There are some adaptation you can do to try it.

The man sits on the floor  or  bed in a lotus o semi lotus position and the woman sits on his penis with her legs around his waist. If the man had little flexibility he can sit and put his legs straight. In this sexual  position the woman has most of the control, which is great for g-spot stimulation, as she can control at all times where the penis is thrusting.

One variation that works very well here is that BOTH lean backwards with their arms holding them from laying down completely. Just try to create a V with your bodies. Here the angle is fantastic and can lead to her squirt.

Another variation is that the woman lays down completely on the bed and the maintains his sitting position. I warn you that this position can be very powerful and she will feel a great g-spot stimulation. The man will  need some good physical fitness in order to thrust well in this position.

This sexual position may be a bit difficult to execute, but it’s worth a try as it can be very powerful for both and can lead to female ejaculation on the spot. See the picture below to learn how to do it.

Difficulty: 8
Effectiveness: 10

lotus flower sex position

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