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Charlie Beaular

Anal Sex Preparation

prepare anal sex

Anal sex is one of those topics that are taboo among many couples and many social circles. It’s actually considered sinful or dirty by many societies and it is actually prohibited in some of them.

In this article I want to show you how to get your woman ready for anal sex. I will also explain you why anal sex is awesome, and can lead to one of the most intense types of orgasms a woman can have.

Communication And Mind In Anal Sex

The first and most important thing is that you both want to try anal sex. Many woman are reluctant to try it as they think it will hurt, which is not true at all if you do it correctly. I will show you how later.

Anal sex is a great and “new hot thing to do” in your sexual life. You can actually take it a sex game as it is a very exciting thing to do. Remember that most women fantasize about having anal sex at some point of their lives.

Talk to your woman and make sure she wants to try it. Never try to push your penis inside her anus without having talked about it, she can freak out and really never want to do it again. In sex everything has to be agreed in order to work and be fun for both.

You have to assume that maybe it will not work the first time you try it. You need to have patience and do it very slow, and if she wants to stop always do stop, or you may never ever try to do it again if it hurts her.

Anus Cleanliness And Hygiene

One of the biggest draw-backs about anal sex is that many people think it will be dirty. Of course we all know the regular function of the anus, and you need to take some hygiene considerations before you start.

Make sure you clean the anus areas very well: outside and inside as well. Outside is quite easy with just water and soap. For the inside I recommend you use an anal douche. Just fill it up with warm water and use it. This will get the rectum completely empty and clean for penetration.

I recommend to use a condom for anal sex as it is safer in terms of hygiene for both of you. It is also better if you want to ejaculate inside, as that may be uncomfortable for her if not.

Language Of Lust

Anal Sex Preparation Tips

Preparation in anal sex is key before you start the penetration. Remember that the anus normally works “going out”, so if we want to “go in”, you need to get it ready and relaxed.

This is why many woman think it may hurt. And yes, it can hurt if not done correctly. These are some tips and steps to make sure everything goes well:

1. Get lots of lubrication ready! Use a water based lubricant, it is much better for anal sex than a natural oil. Remember that the anus does not lubricate itself!

2, In order to relax the anus use your fingers or a sex toy before penetration. I like to use my fingers better. Lubricate the area and one finger very well, and insert it in the anus slowly. Ask her to push out (as if she was going to the toilet). This will relax the anus. Play with your finger making circles and going in and out very slowly.

3. Once you feel it is more relaxed insert one more finger and play with it for a while. Do it slow until you feel there is very little pressure from the anus sphincter on your fingers. You can also use your tongue and play with it on the anus if you and her are open to it.

4. While you use your fingers or a sex toy, ask her to play with her clitoris at the same time. This will help relax her anus as well. The best positions to do this is her in doggy style or her lying on her back.

5. After going through this process, she should be almost ready for penetration. You should be able to insert a minimum of 2 fingers easily and she should not feel any pain.

Check out this great video on how to prepare your woman for anal sex

Best Positions For Anal Sex

Once she is experienced you can do any position you like, but to start and to do it for the first time these positions work best in the order below. The anus muscles and sphincters will be more relaxed and the penetration will be easier.

1. The spoon position where she lying on her side – best one, she is more relaxed

2. With her lying on her back with legs up on your shoulders

3. She sitting on top

Check out the video below on the best sex positions for anal sex:

The doggy style position deserves a separate comment, as it’s the most exciting position by most men for anal sex. It is very visually exciting for men, but don’t recommend to do it when you start having anal sex.

Do it only once she has had anal sex a few times an feel comfortable with it, because in the doggy style positions her inner sphincters and external sphincters muscles will be in tension,  and it’s a very vulnerable position for her. In this position I recommend using some pillows for her to rest, as shown in the picture below.

How To Do Anal Sex Penetration

By this time she should be ready for penetration, which is the moment of truth. This is the sequence you should follow:

1. Make sure the inside and outside of the anus and your penis have plenty of lube.

2. Place your penis tip in the entrance of the anus and leave it there for a little while.

3. Ask her to “push out” as if she was going to the toilet and to start playing with her clitoris.

4. While she does it, start penetrating only with the tip of the penis.

5. If she says she is OK, start go deeper until the whole penis goes in.

6. Once it is all in, just stay there for 10 seconds so she gets use to it. Then you can start thrusting, start slow and build it up. When she is relaxed you can thrust the same way as in the vagina.

7. The male ejaculation is a very delicate moment. Ejaculating inside of her anus can feel very strange and awkward to the woman, and she may feel the same sensation as receiving  an enema spray.  She may have the urgency to go to the toilet, and that sensation can last for a few hours. Make sure you agree on it and that she knows the possible consequences for her. You can always ejaculate outside.

In conclusion, just try anal sex! That is all can say. It is a lot of fun and can be a great new sex fantasy to do, especially for couples that have been together for long. And girls…

You should know that the anus has more nerve endings than the vagina, so anal orgasms can be even more intense and powerful than vaginal orgasms, especially if you mix them with clitoris orgasms simultaneously.

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