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Charlie Beaular



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Without any doubt we live in the best time of the history!

Internet gives us access to any information in the World with just one click. Therefore we can educate ourselves about any topic with the best teachers in the world from the comfort of our home. There are no limits in our lives anymore. YOU decide how far you want to go and who you want to be…



> There is no need to accept what the society tells you what is right or wrong in sex

> You can learn everything about sex from the comfort and privacy of your home

> You have the right all the sexual and orgasm techniques that only the best lovers know

> You have the right to become the best lover you can be

> You have the right to have and give amazing orgasms to your partner

Who Is Charlie Beaular

My name is Charlie Beaular, and I am the creator of Sex With Charlie and author of this blog Probably you may be asking yourself who is this guy and what is he doing here.

You may also be asking yourself why should I listen to him…I don’t even know who he is. I have never heard about him before…

Well, it’s very simple; I am a completely regular guy, just like you, that one day decided that he needed to know more about female sexuality and about female orgasms.

I have always been a very shy person, and I had great difficulty intimating with girls. As a result,  I felt very insecure, and I thought I would not be able to satisfy any woman in bed.

Due to my lack of experience, I did not know anything about female sexuality or sexual techniques. One day I decided that I had to do something, I just needed to change that situation…I had to stop being a lousy lover.

Finally I took the decision to educate myself to become a great lover, and learn how to give any woman amazing orgasms she could never forget.

“I discovered that a woman can only have extremely intense

full body orgasms when she connects her body, mind and soul”

The truth is that I have been very fortunate. I have learned everything I know today about female sexuality and female orgasms from the best sex experts in the world. I have read hundreds of books and I have completed hundreds of the best sex courses about female sexuality and orgasm techniques.

If you add more than 15 years of putting these techniques into practice, I can safely say that I have become a sex expert myself. I am a very fortunate man.

In conclusion, five years ago I decided that I needed to share my experience with the world and help other men become extraordinary lovers. It does not matter in what situation you are right now, how you look like or how your self-confidence is at this moment.

I know you can become a great lover. I did it. From the bottom.

You just have to make the decision that you want to change and do it!