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Charlie Beaular

The A-Spot Orgasm

a spot orgasm

The A-Spot Orgasm is a type of orgasm most people have never heard of, and there is not much information about it in books and in the internet. To reach an A-spot orgasm you must stimulate the A-Spot (also called the Deep-Spot), which is located in the deep end of the vagina, close to the cervix.

It’s a type of vaginal orgasm that can be very deep and intense, and that can lead to female ejaculation as well. These facts make this type of orgasm very interesting to learn, if you really want to discover new sensations for your woman and surprise her with new stimulation techniques.

The A-Spot orgasm is one of the most difficult female orgasm to achieve, as the stimulation of the A-Spot is not easy to do. So let me try to show you how to find it, and how  to stimulate it in this article.

A- Spot Location

The A-Spot location is at the deep end of the vagina and is actually divided in 2 spots. One is located above the cervix, on the upper front wall of the vagina, and the other is below the cervix, close the lower wall of the vagina. This second area is deeper and it’s also more difficult to stimulate. The picture below illustrates the A-Spot location:

a spot

This video below shows how to find the A-Spot easily:

A-Spot Stimulation

The A-spot stimulation is challenging due to the depth of this area, but anybody can do it. Don’t worry. You can stimulate this spot with the finger or with the penis. I recommend to try with the finger first, as it’s easier to identify the A- Spot than with the penis.

A correct A-Spot stimulation can lead to a squirting orgasm or female ejaculation. Actual, many women confirm that it’s easier for them to achieve it via A-spot than via G-Spot stimulation. This depends on each woman and their sensitivity.

The Front Fornix Area:

This area is easier to reach and to identify, as it is not as deep as the other area. So start here:

  • First make sure you use plenty of lube and that your finger nails are well manicured to avoid scratching her vagina.
  • Introduce your index or middle finger into the vagina with your palm facing up. Go as far and deep as you can. She should be lying on her back.
  • Place the finger in the upper front wall of the vagina. You should be able to feel something that is similar to a Frisbee Disc rim. That area is the A-Spot.
  • You should be able to bend your finger up on the rim and move it right and left. The A-Spot area is larger than the G-Spot area.
  • To stimulate it, you can do a come here motion, tapping up and down on it with the finger, or just move it left and right. See what your woman likes best and do it.
  • Be careful not to touch the cervix. It will give your women a very uncomfortable sensation and she may want to stop. The cervix feels to the touch like the tip of a nose, so if you feel that, you are in the wrong spot.

The Deep Fornix Area:

This area is a bit more difficult to reach. Therefore only if you have long fingers you may be able to reach it with your hand. If not, you can always reach it with your penis.

This would be the process to stimulate the lower area with your fingers:

  • Introduce your middle finger in the vagina with the palm facing down. Place the finger on the lower wall of the vagina and go as far as possible inside.
  • If you feel that you reach the deep end of the vagina you are on the A-Spot, so you can start to stimulate it. In this case the ideal way to do it is tapping on it or doing a come here motion.
  • Again, be careful with the cervix here, as it is more exposed when trying to stimulate this deeper area.

How to stimulate the A-Spot with your penis:

  • You can stimulate the A-spot as part of regular sexual intercourse. Normally at this stage she should be excited and wet enough for penetration. If not, use additional lube.
  • When using your penis you will have less sensitivity to identify the area you are stimulating. Therefore, ideally she should help you indicating how you are doing.
  • In my opinion the best position to do it is when she sits on top, as it will be a deep penetration, and she can adjust her position to have your penis stimulating the A-Spot. To have a better angle she should also lean forward with her upper body in both positions: the conventional girl on top and the reverse cowgirl. The pictures below illustrate this positions:
a spot positions
  • The other position which is great for A-Spot stimulation is doggy style. Again this is a deep penetration position, and the A-Spot is easily reached this way. Ideally she should try to arch her back as much as possible, and have her head as close to the floor or bed as possible as well. That way the angle will be better towards the deeper A-Spot. For the brave ones I leave you with the picture below. It’s great as well, but not for everyone…

Check out the video below on how to stimulate the A-Spot:

The A-Spot Orgasm

The A-Spot has an advantage over the G-Spot. Most likely almost every woman has probably felt the A-Spot sometime in the life while having sex with a deep penetration position.

You may have heard your woman say: “it if feels very good there…keep going”. You are hitting the A-Spot when she says that.

Ideally she should help you identify it in order to be able to stimulate it better. Opposite to the G-Spot. in this case you will not feel any swelling, which makes it not as easy to know you are there.

The A-spot orgasm is one of the deepest orgasms a woman can have. It’s very similar to anal orgasms most women say. It can be extremely pleasurable, and it can also lead to female ejaculation or squirting orgasm.

The first time I ever made a girl ejaculate was by stimulating the A-Spot while having regular sex. Obviously she had done it before, and she knew exactly what she had to do and what she had to feel.

In conclusion, if you are really interested in being an extraordinary lover, try giving your woman an A-Spot orgasm. Most men don’t even know the that this spot actually exists.

And even though a woman may have felt the A-Spot before, she has never had an A-Spot orgasm. It can be a great experience for both.

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